My Latest Obsession

I have to talk about my latest obsession. Currently, I am binge-watching Downton Abbey. Last weekend I completed the first and second seasons.  It was mesmerizing. Laundry and house cleaning was done between episodes! There are still 4 seasons to watch. I know I’m late to the party but I tried watching when PBS originally aired it, but would always forget what night and channel it was on, so I didn’t watch faithfully, just when I happened to come across it. This show is so entertaining and I have managed to fall in love with the characters. The writing is excellent and the performances are touching. I love to watch period-piece television shows and movies. Perhaps because I have an old soul. I really don’t watch much network or cable TV because I don’t like a lot of the programming that’s available. I don’t generally like reality shows but; with a few exceptions, zombies, vampires, gang related or cannibal programs. But I do like ‘Vikings’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow.’ Go figure! It never fails, when I do find a show I like, it gets cancelled. Several seasons ago I got into the show ‘Pan Am,’ the one about airline stewardesses, (wow, remember calling them that?). Unfortunately, it was cancelled after the first season. Another show, ‘Astronaut Wives;’ was also interesting, but unfortunately it too was cancelled. So these days I prefer Blu-ray disks and streaming services. I can watch when I want and for as long as I want. That is until my husband wants his man cave back!


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Eva Piccolo

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