Steve Knight
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Additional statement by Congressman Steve Knight on Donald Trump’s comments:

“In my career as a law enforcement professional I was confronted with and worked tirelessly to end the horrific reality of violence toward women. After hearing Donald Trump’s inexcusable comments last night I was deeply disturbed & reminded of that reprehensible behavior. While I’ve never before endorsed a Presidential candidate, I’ve felt compelled to strongly condemn many of Mr. Trump’s previous outrageous remarks. And after serious consideration, I have decided that I cannot support either candidate for President. I will continue to focus on serving the people of the 25th Congressional District and fighting for our priorities here and in Washington DC.”

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  • And you will now not get my vote Mr. Knight.


    Chalk one up for Knight coming to the realization of what Trump has been all along.
    Supporting him from the beginning I will describe your choice as being deplorable.

  • tech

    No worries, your vote will be replaced by mine for Steve Knight, Ronaldw. Principles over party.

  • Then you are an idiot, what Donald Trump said 11 years ago with a friend doesn’t matter its Guys Talk who cares.
    Here has always been my question. If Hillary couldn’t keep her husband happy, how can she keep America happy? We don’t need Hillbama Social Experiment 2.0

    • Joe Jimson

      Wow. That’s startlingly offensive and stupid even for this site.

  • Guess what Mr. Knight- you just lost yourself another vote! What trump said was totally wrong it was 11 years ago. The steaks in this election r too high for goodie two shoes attitude! Can u really justify a no vote which is a vote for Hiliary??? Grow up put on your big boy underwear! Economics, refugees, Supreme Court, pro life!!! Really Steve!!!

  • AB

    We disagree on many issues, but it is refreshing to see Rep. Knight denouncing such an out-of-control and childish candidate.

  • GOP needs to unite against HRC. ONE reason I’m voting for Trump. As a Christian, I totally condemn what he said DECADES ago! We’re facing a tremendous situation in the Supreme Court. Presidents come and go but justices lasts for decades. These are justices that will somehow change the course of this country. I respect Mr Knight but he does not get my vote!

    TO: Congressional leadership and your tag-along galloping self-servers.
    “We the people” hold you responsible for fracturing the republican party that has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s support in the presidential race…you will pay a price if Clinton wins…you will also pay a price when Trump wins…if you don’t get on the Trump Train NOW.
    At this point you have demonstrated the attitude of a high school bully who suffers from an attention complex through your juvenile opposition to Donald Trump for President.
    Will republicans continue pouting, and allow Hillary Clinton to fill many future U.S. Supreme Court vacancies? Will you abandon America and our US Constitution to what Hillary Clinton is offering? The shame can be no greater…have you even considered the lives, blood, body parts, family destruction sacrificed to guard and secure our nation? Does Benghazi ring a bell loudly pointing to purposeful Clinton treason? And Congress does what? Encourages her election…how disgraceful.
    Whether you like it or not, Trump is carrying the water for America and “we the people” indentify with a true fighter who has a genuine heart for the grassroots.
    We urge you, get off your ego driven a$$es, swallow your prideful arrogance, and get out in the hinterland and raise up Trump before you’re too late………not for Trump, but for the conservative, constitutional focused U.S. Supreme Court members he will nominate.
    Donald Trump will win the presidency. Whether the establishment in Congress wins or loses, makes little difference to “we the people” as you’re all the same…democrat or republican. You can take it to the bank, Donald J. Trump is definitely not one of you.
    “For such a time as this” is Donald J. Trump…thank God.