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Valencia High School is calling the language used in a discriminatory, racial video “offensive” and “unacceptable.”

The video shows several white Valencia High School students shouting the “N” word and laughing while drinking.

It was originally posted to Twitter and received a strong response from those on social media.

“Early Tuesday morning, Valencia High School and District staff became aware of several videos posted on social media that depicted individuals using racially inflammatory language,” a statement from Valencia High School read.  “Any student using language that promotes hatred or intolerance on our campuses will be counseled and held accountable for their actions.”

A young person who is not a student at Valencia High School and was not at the party, told NBC 4 he received the video from a peer and shared it to draw attention to the racist remarks.  As of press time Wednesday, however, The Signal could not confirm the student’s report.

In a statement issued by the school, Valencia High said that the use of offensive language is “disappointing to the students and staff at Valencia High School who care so much about creating an environment that is positive, safe and accepting for everyone.”

The school reiterated that it takes its mandate to prepare students to be good citizens who demonstrate concern for others seriously.

“We recognize the need to reinforce the message that hateful words and actions matter – and have consequences,” the statement continued.
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Christina Cox
Christina Cox is a multimedia journalist covering education, community and breaking news in the Santa Clarita Valley. She joined The Signal as a staff writer in August 2016.
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  • ron ellis

    Nothing new here in Santa Clarita. Probably learned this behavior from their parents. I have lived in Northern and Central California and for the last ten years here in SC. I never heard the “n” word much until I started working in SCV. My co-workers habitually make negative remarks about the African-American race.

  • I never hear anyone use it. what kind of place do you work at, ron ellis?

    • ron ellis

      Well, Kim Castruita, just telling the truth about my experience here in SCV. I work with a lot of retired cops, if that helps.

  • zra

    The internet is forever. This has the potential to follow you around for the rest of your lives.

    Enjoy losers.

  • noonan

    Get over it Ron. Nobody is crapped on today more than white men. Do you want to attend my pity party?

    Has anyone ever considered that if we just used the “n word” during appropriate conversation, then maybe there wouldn’t be this mystique about it’s use. So someone said it, get over it. It’s the same as people being shocked that Trump said, well, the things he’s said. It’s as if people are shocked that men speak that way in front of other men on occasion. Which reminds me of a bunko party my wife had once with 15 women. I came downstairs for a snack and the things I heard these women talking about made my hair curl.

    You have a choice to be offended Ron. I for one don’t give a damn about people being offended. That’s your problem not mine. And no, I don’t use the “n word” but I also think calling it the “n word” is pretty idiotic.

    • ron ellis

      I am not offended Noonan. Just making an observation, that this behavior is not an isolated incident in SCV. I think it’s funny that these derogatory remarks are made about a certain race when that particular race is not present.

  • Noonan, i wish there was a like button lol

  • Ron Ellis, my father was a retired LEO from Inglewood PD. That word was not in his vocabulary.

  • ron ellis

    Thanks for your dad, Kim. It’s nice to know that there were officers with integrity and honor.