Fire Station 143 dedication marks end of Supervisor Antonovich’s 36-year term

Outgoing Los Angeles County Fifth District Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich cuts through a red ribbon, signifying the opening of a new fire station in Castaic Wednesday. Austin Dave/The Signal

Officials unveiled Santa Clarita’s newest fire station, Fire Station 143, to the community Wednesday to serve the needs of those in the Halsey Canyon community.

The grand opening ceremony also marked the last official event in the Santa Clarita Valley for Fifth District Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, following his 36 years of service in the position.

“It’s been an honor to work with you,” Antonovich said.  “Since 1980 we’ve opened nine fire stations in the Santa Clarita Valley and we’ve had five of those in the past decade.”

Engine 143, formerly 124, sits inside the apparatus bay at Fire Station 143. Austin Dave/The Signal
Engine 143, formerly 124, sits inside the apparatus bay at Fire Station 143. Austin Dave/The Signal

Fire Station 143 is equipped with two apparatus bays, a main office, a dayroom, a kitchen, an exercise room and dormitory quarters to support the nine firefighters on duty at the station, according to Antonovich.

The 9,700-square-foot station was completed $1 million under its original $10.5 million budget.

“Those dollars can be used for other projects and to support other needs of the fire department,” Antonovich said.

Personnel based at the station will serve the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the canyon 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“We’re so thrilled because this canyon really does need this station,” Councilmember Laurene Weste said.  “You being here is going to make the people in Castaic and in this particular area, which is very fire-prone, feel a lot safer.”

Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby said the fire department has an objective to ensure that it hires the best people, trains the best people, equips them with the best equipment and houses them in the finest facilities.

“I think that today’s opening of the fire station is just an example of that commitment,” he said.

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