Santa Clarita Valley went for Clinton, but voted GOP down ballot

College of the Canyons students watch the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Clinton outpolled Trump among local voters last week. Katharine Lotze/Signal

How blue was your valley?

Well, the Santa Clarita Valley was solidly Democratic blue on the presidential level on Election Day last week — but it tilted reliably Republican red in the more local races.

A breakdown of area voting shows that Democrat Hillary Clinton carried the area by Congressional district, Assembly district, state Senate district and within the city of Santa Clarita over Republican Donald Trump – while the GOP prevailed on the local level in all those sectors.

In the 25th Congressional District, where Republican Steve Knight captured 53.4 percent of the votes, Clinton got 70,005 votes compared to Trump’s 62,334, according to voting totals on

In the 38th Assembly District, carried by Republican Dante Acosta with 53.1 percent of the vote, Clinton garnered 49,570 votes to Trump’s 42,380.

In the 36th Assembly District, won by Republican Tom Lackey with 56.1 percent of the votes, Clinton got 41,371 votes to Trump’s 37,419.

In the 21st state Senate District, where Republican Scott Wilk prevailed with 54.8 percent of the votes, Clinton outpolled Trump by a 67,620 to 63,339 margin.

In the city of Santa Clarita, Clinton edged out Trump 27,807 to 26,943.

Municipal elections are technically non-partisan in Santa Clarita, but Mayor Bob Keller and former Cameron Smyth, both with GOP ties, won the two City Council seats that were open, both by comfortable margins in a field of 11.

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  • "SCV was solidly Democratic blue on the presidential level"

    Gee, I didn't know that many DUMBocrats lived out here !!! That tells me in the future that they'd be DUMB enough to vote for a Sanctuary City in SCV as well... Idiots!

    I'm very happy that overall, the DUMBocrats got their butts kicked in both Congresses! Finally, most Americans are waking up!

    • "If we’ve learned anything from the elections, we’ve learned to educate ourselves beyond what we’re told by the media."


      The media has been outed. Everyone now knows.
      Hasn't stopped them from misreporting Trump. I don't like him, but they are making stuff up. Crazy

    • Thanks Claire for sharing that link. I am disappointed that nothing is registered for those, who didn't vote for President. It would have been nice to see how many of us chose not to vote for President.

  • It's been shown, Hillary cheated in the debates and Bernie was cheated out of the nomination. Is there any doubt that Democrats would try to cheat in the election itself?

    Food for thought....If the 'educated' voted for Hillary, how did Trump win the electoral 'college'?
    There's probably some smart people at that school....aren't there?

  • Rather odd result, but go figure. I am proud I voted straight BLUE all down the ballot. Obviously, the area is evolving and will be more blue in the years ahead. Great, great news! Even when the Repubs won here, the vote was closer than previous elections. Th future belong to Democrats! You die hard right wingers will have to move further out into the country where you can fly your snake flags and shoot off your guns and your mouths.

  • @ David - "I am proud I voted straight BLUE all down the ballot"

    Amazing! You must be a very confused person. Evidently you have turned a blind eye at ALL the failed policies from the DUMBocrats both current and previously. You obviously are either a very UN-informed person, or you choose to ignore current events. You remind me of a person who is selected to a jury trial, and then IGNORE's all the compelling evidence to convict! (Does the OJ trial ring a bell?) Moving forward, just look at the 48 Contiguous States and observe which states have most of the problems... Yep, the DUMBocratically controlled states - which are where the Sanctuary Cities are! And you voted for a continuation of FAILED POLICIES from the current administration. Yes sir - you're PROUD of failures and voted for Hillarcrook which is the most incompetent, crooked, compulsive liar on the PLANET. Thank God, the military chose TRUMP to be their Commander-in-Chief because Hillarcrook can't fix anything in Washington - in fact, she was amongst ALL the problems!

    Way to go, David! Continue voting for people who don't know how to lead and who keep people's head's underwater !!! I am convinced that ISIS is not happy with our election, because with Hillarcrook as president, they would have continued their brutal attacks all over the world - but with TRUMP, their existence is gonna be narrowed very quickly! It's very clear that you don't want America to move ahead in the right direction... How unfortunate for you!

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