Savor The Craft: Craft Bottles vs. Craft Cans


I’ve written about the comparisons of Craft Beer packaged in cans but it was some time ago and before Craft Cans had really taken off in popularity. Just as screw caps have become more common in the production of good wine, we are really starting to see quite a bit of Craft Beer packaged in cans. Times change and we have found that cans are actually a much better package for Craft Beer overall. This doesn’t mean that bottles will disappear as quite a few breweries still package their beer this way but more and more you will see Craft Beer in cans. There’s also “tradition” to consider in which some special bottled beers can take on different nuances from aging and many older breweries (especially European) which have been packaging their beer in bottles for many generations are not changing any time soon.

There are many reasons why cans are a better package for Craft Beer so you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase your favorite beer in a can. First, cans do not allow any light in that can harm the beer and are also an effective oxygen barrier which keeps the beer fresher for a longer period of time. Cans are often able to go places bottles can’t such as the beach, hiking and golf courses. Sustainability is another big plus for cans as they are lighter which reduces CO2 emissions in shipping and are much easier to recycle than bottles. The technology of the can itself has gotten much better so that “tinny” flavor that people associate with old cans is no longer there. Pop open a Craft Can! Cheers!

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