Bill Reynolds examines updated drawings of the proposed warrior memorial as he stands at it's proposed location under the trees at the corner of Newhall and Market Street at veterans historical plaza in Newhall. Dan Watson/The Signal
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Santa Clarita residents do support their veterans.

On Aug. 23, 2016, Santa Clarita’s City Council approved the installation of a granite monument to honor 50 Santa Clarita Valley residents who perished from World War II to present.

For the project to be built, it required $50,000 of funding from the community.

As of Friday, 166 contributions from the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond donated a total of $54,429 to the monument’s construction, or 109 percent of the project’s goal.

“We have received enough contributions to pay for the monument,” said Bill Reynolds, the Signal’s Director of Veteran Affairs who first presented the idea for the monument to City Council in 2015.

Reynolds said any surplus funds following the Fallen Warriors Monument’s construction, will go toward city construction costs.

“Any funds that are left over from purchasing the granite monument, we are prepared to contribute to the city to help purchase construction materials needed for concrete footings walkways, electrical, lighting, lumber and columns necessary for a dignified site,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is also working with city officials to alter the approved designs of the monument so the existing pergola, a garden style archway, at Veteran’s Plaza in Newhall can extend to cover the monument.

Following meetings with Julia Regan, the Fallen Warriors Monument’s project manager, Reynolds anticipates that the alteration to the design plans will be accepted by the Santa Clarita City Council.


Fallen Warriors Monument Contributors as of Dec. 23:

  1. Women’s Federated Republican Club
  2. Amos Clemmons (Vietnam Veteran)
  3. Sharon & Bob Ventrice (Vietnam Veteran)
  4. Gary & Vera Bierend
  5. Bill Reynolds (Boys of ’67 – Vietnam Veteran)
  6. Pauline Harte
  7. Wynn & Rosemary Ritch (Vietnam Veteran)
  8. SCV Veterans Memorial, Inc.
  9. Trudy Emeterio
  10. John & Mary Martin (WWII Veteran)
  11. Chris Henry (Navy Veteran)
  12. Scott Henry
  13. Bob Reynolds (Army Veteran)
  14. Thomas Gardner
  15. Knights of Columbus
  16. Stan Cockerell (Boys of ’67 – Vietnam Veteran)
  17. Jim Hackett (Vietnam Veteran)
  18. Rita Wheatley (for Victor Rosen)
  19. Bill Reed (Boys of ’67 – Vietnam Veteran)
  20. “The Boys of ‘67” (Vietnam Veterans)
  21. John & Mary Martin (for Victor Rosen)
  22. Daniel Bradley (Vietnam Veteran)
  23. Sally White
  24. Geralyn Huels (for Victor Rosen)
  25. Janet Humphrey
  26. Tony & Reena Newhall
  27. Barbara Reardon
  28. James Cochran
  29. James P. De Bree
  30. Gregory Quandt
  31. Greg Bernards
  32. Tom Tucker (WWII Veteran)
  33. Richard Roelofs (WWII Veteran)
  34. Michael Peterson
  35. Eternal Valley Memorial Park & Mortuary
  36. Dennis Witzel (Vietnam Veteran)
  37. Kathleen Hassen
  38. Marvin Matthews
  39. Henrietta Festa
  40. Tom Dierckman (Navy Veteran)
  41. John & Mary Martin (again)
  42. Mike Reynolds (Web Site Set-up)
  43. James P. Olinn
  44. Jerry Rhodes (Vietnam Veteran)
  45. Calvin Erickson
  46. Haralson Family
  47. Jane Rosen (for Victor Rosen)
  48. Deborah Goff
  49. Beverly Hough
  50. Robert Good (Vietnam Veteran)
  51. David K. Bruce
  52. Shulman Family (WWII Veteran)
  53. Gene Dorio
  54. Todd Andrews
  55. Robert Danis (Korean War Veteran)
  56. John Coleman
  57. Olivia Shaw
  58. Thomas Hemphill (Vietnam Veteran)
  59. Carl’s Laundry Repair, Inc. (for Victor Rosen)
  60. Christy Smith
  61. Lila Littlejohn (Signal Newspaper)
  62. Bradley Prociuk
  63. Kim Rafalovich
  64. Mary Falwell
  65. Angela Fatta
  66. Dennis Talle
  67. Betty & Frank Arenson
  68. AMS Fulfillment Services
  69. Fred Arnold – American Pacific Mortgage Corp. (Air Force Veteran)
  70. Barbara & Russ Cochran (Korean War Veteran)
  71. Cheryl Gray
  72. Meg Reynolds
  73. Bob & Kay Slocum (Gold Star Parents)
  74. Janine Schulenburg (SCV Veterans Memorial, Inc.)
  75. David S, Kim – Enhance Dentist, Comfort & Caring
  76. Leon Worden – SCVTV
  77. Maryanne Leiby
  78. Christina Surette
  79. Ian & Judy Williams
  80. Dan Werner (Army Veteran)
  81. Del Holland
  82. Steve Hopp
  83. Tom Conroy (Boys of ’67 – Vietnam Veteran)
  84. David Deloria
  85. David Huffaker
  86. TimBen Boydston (Air Force Veteran)
  87. Chad Jacobson
  88. Margaret J. Teagle
  89. Bill Cooper (Vietnam Veteran)
  90. Julie Olsen (for Saugus School Board)
  91. Bill Reynolds
  92. Brett Haddock
  93. G & M Yadlosky
  94. Sonnie & Mark Kashay
  95. Nils Grevillius (Army Veteran)
  96. Leonard Miller (Army Veteran)
  97. Vietnam Veterans of America
  98. Dennis Noble – Sun Air Parts
  99. Jeri Goldman – KHTS
  100. Michael Lee
  101. Stephanie Dietrich
  102. Maureen Griffin
  103. SCV Signal Newspaper (Ads)
  104. Lisa Williams
  105. Olechowski
  106. Brian Baker (Vietnam Veteran)
  107. Lily Knight
  108. John Sclimenti (Boy’s of ’67 – Vietnam Veteran)
  109. Nancy Siwula
  110. Larry Young
  111. Tim Norwalk (Army Veteran)
  112. John Shaffery
  113. Patricia Stephenson
  114. Mark White (On behalf of his Dad, Walter H. White, WWII Veteran)
  115. Dean Leao (Vietnam Veteran) Family
  116. Kelly Dunnahoo
  117. Mark Brandhurst
  118. Mark Brandhurst (for Roether)
  119. Spencer Leafdale
  120. Robert Penoyer (Air Force Veteran)
  121. Valerie Tippy
  122. Arlene Cast
  123. Nancy Spicer
  124. Mary Vogeley
  125. John Dortch (Army Veteran)
  126. American Pacific Mortgage Corp
  127. G. Blair
  128. Judy Cooperberg
  129. Tim & Delia Gelig (Gold Star Parents)
  130. Daniel Kryszan
  131. Jeffrey Bissett
  132. Donna Schmidt
  133. Bank of Santa Clarita
  134. Claudine Holcomb
  135. Winston Garth
  136. David Gartland
  137. Mark Pittman
  138. Michael Perl
  139. Louis Vince (USMC Veteran)
  140. Ron Bischof
  141. Ron Singerman
  142. Anonymous
  143. Women’s Federated Republican Club
  144. Judy & Doug Penman
  145. Thomas E. Hough
  146. Holly & Ralph Ware (Vietnam Veteran)
  147. Douglas & Susan Grogan
  148. Susan McCabe
  149. Tom & Alice Reynolds
  150. Bruce Fortine (Army Veteran)
  151. Frederick Carter
  152. Paul Yadlosky (WWII Veteran)
  153. R. Stapel
  154. Leroy & Delores Short
  155. Bob & Kitty Conant (Gold Star Parents)
  156. David Moore
  157. Cheryl Nowels
  158. Mike O’Gara (Boy’s of ’67 – Vietnam Veteran)
  159. First Presbyterian Church
  160. Robert Allison
  161. Hallway Plumbing
  162. Douglas Hansen
  163. David Veal
  164. Jose Ramirez – LA Marble Co.
  165. 1st Marine Division Association – LA Chapter
  166. Morris Thomas
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Christina Cox
Christina Cox is a multimedia journalist covering education, community and breaking news in the Santa Clarita Valley. She joined The Signal as a staff writer in August 2016.
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  • Gene Walker

    Names noticeably absent from this list:


    However, right there at #86 is none other than:

    TimBen Boydston (Air Force Veteran)

    Remember that next time one of those other four clowns come up for reelection.

  • Gene Walker

    Congratulations Bill. It’s a noble project, I appreciate and applaud your commitment to it!