Bill Reynolds of The Signal goes to Pearl Harbor with 72 veterans

Veterans stand in front of their tour bus on their trip to Pearl Harbor. Courtesy photo.


Bill Reynolds, The Signal Director of Veterans Affairs, and some 72 veterans and Pearl Harbor Survivors went to Pearl Harbor as part of the Greatest Generations Foundation’s mission “to ensure that their legacies are recorded and retold in perpetuity to future generations.”

Reynolds and his cohort of veterans left LAX on Dec. 2.

Reynolds is a veteran of the Vietnam War and previously went on a tour of Vietnam with the same foundation.

When asked to comment on the mood of the veterans Sunday, Reynolds sent an email to The Signal saying that they are humble, proud and rather amazed at how well-received they are there.

“Especially, the children who congratulate them for their service – these Veterans seem to gravitate to the school children here that honor them,” said Reynolds. “The overall attitude is humble and proud.”

Here are some photos documenting their trip thus far.

Bill Reynolds meets Actor Gary Sinise while on his trip to Pearl Harbor with the Greatest Generations Foundation.
A color guard team escorts the veterans as they leave the airport on Dec. 2.
Veterans arrive at the airport.
People wear leis as they smile at the veterans.
People help the veterans on their trip to Pearl Harbor.

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