December is Here!

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December always brings a lot of fun. Shopping, decorating, baking, parties, and specialty foods. Last year, one of my co-workers brought in gingerbread. Not gingerbread cookies; but actual gingerbread, which was so decadent and delicious. I felt like Mary Poppins when she read her shopping list and it contained gingerbread. She had a little hop in her step at that moment. That was me. Hopefully she’ll bring it again this year.  I promise not to eat it all (my fingers are crossed behind my back!).

This week I am going to try to roast chestnuts. Always wanted to try.

I recently bought some chestnuts at the market. My husband remembers chestnuts being roasted and sold on the streets of New York City. The air was filled with the aroma. He never really liked them, but he encouraged me to try them myself. I’ll have to go on YouTube to find out how to roast them in the oven, since I don’t have an open fire.

Next week I’ll let you know how it went.

Please write to us and tell us what you like to do during the holidays. 500 words or less and please include a photo. The first 3 appropriate submissions will be guaranteed a December publication.

Until next week,

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