Connell family welcomes 10th child born at Henry Mayo


For more than 15 years, the staff at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital helped Brandi and Scott Connell through the birth of seven girls and two boys.

And on Sunday, they supported the couple again as Brandi Connell gave birth to her 10th child, a healthy baby boy named Nathan James Connell.

“The women’s department is amazing,” Brandi Connell said.  “It has been such a blessing and such a good experience.”

The birth was bittersweet for the couple, who knew it would be their last child.

“That’s why yesterday’s birth was so special,” Brandi Connell said.  “They were cheering me on and saying ‘you can do it, you can do it.’  And I said ‘wow you guys are my angels.’  That’s why this hospital is so special to us.”

The Connells now consider the doctors, nurses and staff at Henry Mayo family.

“Knowing these people for over 15 plus years you develop relationships on a more personal and intimate level,” Scott Connell said.  “We’ve had nothing but such good experiences here.”

The Connells, who now live in Bakersfield, chose to make the long drive to Henry Mayo for the birth of their children because they say it is where they feel comfortable, supported and cared for.

They said doctors and nurses often go above and beyond for them by coming into work when they are not on call, or by sitting with them during difficult labors.

“As a woman, to have someone say, ‘OK Brandi, you got it’ means a lot.  I cry every time,” Brandi Connell said.  “It just shows how this community really cares about the other people in this community… they take their jobs seriously and are there for us.”

Brandi and Scott Connell said they chose to trust in their faith and have as many children as they could because they did not want to live with any regrets.

“We have been blessed with 10 healthy children,” Scott Connell said.  “We don’t ever want to take that for granted.”

And although they have made sacrifices to raise 10 children, the Connells said the growth of their family has brought them closer and taught them how to look out for one another.

“What we found is that as our family grew, it became easier as crazy as it sounds,” Scott Connell said.  “The family dynamic becomes a servitude, a team.”

Brandi Connell said the addition of each new child to their family has made not only her family more complete, but also her as well.

“As I have each child, it has redefined me to be a better mom, a better friend, a better woman,” Brandi Connell said.  “It has refined me to be the best I can be.”

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