UPDATE: Body of missing San Diego man found in Pyramid Lake, according to mother

Photo of Jake Roberson, as posted in an announcement made by his mother Monday of her son's death.

The body of a San Diego man missing since mid-January was found in Pyramid Lake by fishermen, the man’s mother posted on Facebook Monday.

Jake Roberson, 30, of Mission Beach, in San Diego County was reported missing Jan. 13 when his Chevy vehicle was found abandoned on Interstate 5.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has yet to confirm if the body of the victim has been discovered.

“There are a lot of indicators that it’s him. And, it’s going to be him,,” coroner spokesman Lt. Larry Dietz told The Signal Tuesday, referring to Roberson.

“We’ve just got to prove it,” he said.

Roberson’s “heart-broken” mother Sharon Roberson posted on her Facebook page Monday:

“Hello friends family and loved ones.
“This is Sharon -Jake’s mom.
“It is with the heaviest of hearts I am reporting to you Jake has been found and is now gone. He was spotted by fisherman in Pyramid Lake. My beautiful son is in heaven with his loving God and his mind is at peace.
“My heart is broken and will never be the same. Phil, Ruth, Kevin and Joan and our extended families are grateful for your prayers. We will notify you later of any arrangements – I know they won’t happen for awhile.
Love Jake’s mom.”

Detectives who had been investigating the disappearance of the bipolar yoga enthusiast missing since mid-January were paying particular attention to the discovery of pants and car keys believed to be his.

Last week, Sharon Roberson received a phone call, she said, from investigating officers about an apparent break in the case.

Pants containing car keys were found Feb. 13 by a visitor near Pyramid Lake and turned over to a detective assigned to the Missing Persons Section of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau.

“The clothing and the keys were found by a park patron,” Sgt. John Caffrey with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau told The Signal Monday.

Roberson’s mother said she fears her son may have ventured into Pyramid Lake, noting he had done a similar thing in the past.

“Our fear is he walked into the lake for a spiritual purpose and succumbed to the current, depth, hypothermia either by accident or he surrendered to his God as he saw in his meditations so beautifully in his psychosis,” Roberson’s mother wrote in an email to The Signal about last week’s discovery.

Those fears bore out in the discovery of her son’s body.

“He wrote and spoke of how wonderful and beautiful the light was, how peaceful and loving it felt, how he felt Gods love and peace,” Sharon Roberson said, referring to a prior water incident and noting she does not believe her son took his own life.

Jake Roberson required medication to treat his bipolar medical condition.

“When he’s off his meds, he gets very spiritual, very religious and loses focus,” Roberson said of her son earlier this month, noting he’s been hospitalized in the past after having failed to take his medication.

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