Local pols feel ‘Super’ charged over Falcons

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Call it a “Super’’ majority. In a landslide, Santa Clarita politicians are overwhelmingly for the Atlanta Falcons over the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Of the eight area pols reached on Friday regarding this national issue of such enormous gravity, six favored the Falcs, one is pulling for the Pats – and one was most looking forward to the commercials.

Of course, most of these local prognosticators were having fun with their predictions, so don’t bet the mortgage on their X’s and O’s breakdowns.

“Just to be a contrarian, my district director is a Pats fan, she’s from Boston, so I’m going to say Falcons,’’ state Sen. Henry Stern said with a laugh.

“You’ve gotta have a little yin and yang in the office. … (Falcons quarterback) Matt Ryan is unstoppable. I say they put up 40.’’

Rep. Steve Knight gave the most specific prediction: “I’m going to take Falcons, 35-28.’’

“I think that Atlanta’s got the fire in their eyes,’’ said Knight, who plans to attend a Super Bowl party at a pal’s house in Palmdale. “And I think the way they took apart Green Bay … it seemed very, very easy for Matt Ryan to move down the field. … It should be a very entertaining game, that’s my big prediction.’’

Assemblyman Dante Acosta has a personal connection behind his Falcons pick: “My aunt lived in Atlanta and my grandparents lived just north of Atlanta, on the North Carolina border.’’

Mayor Cameron Smyth said, “I’ll be pulling for the Falcons. I’ve always liked ‘Matty Ice,’ from his days at BC (Boston College), and so it’d be nice to see him get a ring.’’

Smyth expects to have “a nice chill day” watching the game, though it doesn’t figure to be a family affair because, “My kids are all about that other football — soccer — so they’ll be in and out.’’

Councilman Bob Kellar said, “I don’t feel terribly strongly about which team wins, but I think I’ve got to go with Atlanta. I like that quarterback.’’

Kellar did, however, make this guarantee: “I’m going to put a fire in my fireplace, wear my bum clothes and just enjoy the game.’’

County Supervisor Kathryn Barger did not officially pick the Falcons, but we put her vote in that column when she said she’s rooting for “anybody but the Patriots.’’

“It has nothing to do with football,’’ she said. “I’m not a (Tom) Brady fan. … I still wonder what happened to that (deflated) football last year.’’

The lone Patriots supporter among the Santa Clarita pols polled? That would be state Sen. Scott Wilk.

“Vanessa (his wife) was born and raised in Boston, so I’m for the Pats,’’ he texted.

And then there’s that other big game on Super Sunday – the ad game. Councilwoman Marsha McLean is most looking forward to that.

“I really don’t have a preference for either team,’’ she said. “Of course, the commercials, I can’t wait to see the special commercials.’’

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