Bear captured on video walking across porch in Castaic

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A Castaic family was surprised to watch a bear walk across their front porch during a recording Saturday night.

“My wife called me, and told me there was an animal,” the owner of the video said.

He then viewed the video through his phone at a neighbor’s house and found that a bear was the animal walking across his porch.

“Everyone is just in awe about it,” he said. “Some people didn’t actually believe it.”

The Castaic resident, along with a few other neighbors, cautiously stepped outside, but the animal was gone.

“When I leave the door open, I wonder if the bear is still around,” the owner of the video said. “I don’t want a bear in my house.”

He explains that his family, along with others in the Castaic neighborhood, are more hesitant to let their children play outside and are keeping an eye on their pets.

“We’re getting into the warmer season and you get a lot more signs of wildlife,” said Danny Ubario, deputy director of operations for the County Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control.

Ubario explains that, due to “abstract” weather conditions, wildlife may be found in areas they normally would not inhabit.

“You want to try to keep your pets in doors,” Ubario said. “Securing your trash is also very important.”

The video was taken from footage recorded by a Ring Video Doorbell near Hillcrest Parkway and Beryl Place in Castaic at about 9 p.m. Saturday night.

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