No sign of Will Cierzan after 3 months

Will Cierzan flanked by his sisters, Karen (left) and Ruth.

It’s been three months since Will Cierzan told his wife, Linda, on the phone that he was making dinner before vanishing completely from her life and without leaving a trace as to his whereabouts.

On Jan. 26, Linda Cierzan arrived at her home on Cuatro Milpas Street, near Seco Canyon Road, found the chicken dinner made, the oven turned off, and no sign of her husband.

“Just when I think he’s dead, I think ‘no.’ They searched 80 acres. There are searchers out there every day,” Will Cierzan’s sister, Andrea Peck told The Signal Tuesday. “That’s when we start to think

‘Is there a possibility he’s OK?’ We’re hanging in there.”
Homicide detectives continue to work diligently on the case, she said, but sharing nothing of what they’ve uncovered or learned with the family.

“They don’t share anything with us,” Peck said. “But, they must have a plan. They’re continually texting, asking questions.”

The case of Will Cierzan is officially a missing person’s case.

If Cierzan met with foul play, Det. Ralph Hernandez with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau has not confirmed that.

Earlier this month, the city of Santa Clarita posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person, or persons, responsible for the disappearance of Santa Clarita resident William Cierzan missing since January.

“I really thought the reward would bring about some information,” Peck said, noting that if the reward generated leads in the case, those clues have not been shared by detectives.

And, with no clue, no word, no information to instill hope, members of Will Cierzan’s family are left disheartened by the toll it’s taken on them.

Asked about how the missing man’s wife was doing, Peck said: “Not very well. She’s at her wit’s end.”

Will Cierzan’s nephew, who watched golf on TV with him the day he disappeared, has withdrawn from any interaction, she said.

“He won’t search, he won’t talk,” Peck said.

About Kari Dauer-Hewitt, former administrator for the SCV Emergency Now Facebook page who had helped organize various searches for the missing man – those searches are continuing, Peck said.

“She doesn’t think it’s right what happened to Will,” she said about Dauer-Hewitt. “She spends most of her time trying to find Will.”

As for Andrea Peck herself, she said: “I believe someone who heard something or someone who saw something is going to come forward.”

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