The Talk of Santa Clarita: Jeff Bomberger

Stephen Daniels interviewing Cameron Smyth before he was elected to the Santa Clarity City Council and appointed to the position of mayor. Photo courtesy of Chad Kampbell

Jeff Bomberger is a resident of Valencia. He’s a personal trainer, actor and filmmaker. He also was a dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter in the 2016 election.

Jeff became extremely politically motivated in 2016 and even ran as an independent candidate for Congress in the 25th District as a protest against big money’s influence on major political parties.

Jeff didn’t make much of an impact in the election but it intrigued me about his motivation to even run.

A few weeks back Jeff reminded me we had discussed doing a podcast, so, in early April we finally sat down to talk.

I found Jeff to be an extremely thoughtful individual with an admirable ideology. He considers himself a pragmatic idealist.  We talked about his political views and how they have changed since 2016 and why he chose to run for Congress as an independent.

We also talked about his filmmaking and his passion for the art form as well as his time as a child actor.  In particular He went into his experiences working with Don Rickles.  In other words, you guessed it, I think Jeff and I killed him.

This podcast was really a conversation to get to know Jeff and to find out a little about him.  He’s an interesting guy who lives in the SCV and has done and is doing a lot of different things.

Listen to the Jeff Bomberger episode of “The Talk of Santa Clarita” by clicking on the “Community” pull-down menu of The Signal’s website.

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