Spencer White poses in front of his 1982 DeLorean after getting a speeding ticket for going 88 mph. Samie Gebers/The Signal
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When Spencer White’s DeLorean hit 88 mph on Highway 14, he didn’t go “Back to the Future.” Instead, he got a ticket.

When Dr. Emmett Brown’s DeLorean time machine would hit 88 mph in the 1985 movie, “Back to The Future,” the flux capacitor would be activated. The passenger inside would then travel through time.

That’s not what happened to White.

On Friday around 9 p.m., he decided to take his mother on the freeway for the first time in his 1982, stainless steel DeLorean.

Spencer White poses with his 1982 DeLorean. Samie Gebers/The Signal

Shortly after merging onto Highway 14, he checked the speedometer. He didn’t realize how fast he was going until he saw that it read 85 mph.

“I thought, let’s take it up to 88 mph,” White said. “I only got three more miles to go.”

White describes hitting 88 mph for a couple of seconds before seeing a California Highway Patrol officer flashing his lights behind him.

He pulled off on the Newhall Avenue exit and was approached by a smiling officer.

“He asked me how fast I thought I was going,” White said.

The CHP officer, still smiling, told him that he was going exactly 88 mph.

“All of us started busting up laughing,” White said.

A CHP officer’s radar gun clocked Spencer White’s DeLorean at 88 mph. Courtesy photo

Sure enough, the officer showed White his radar gun that clocked the vehicle at exactly 88 mph.

After wanting a DeLorean for 10 years, White bought his dream vehicle about a month ago.

Ever since the Saugus resident saw “Back to the Future in 1985,” he knew that he wanted that iconic car.

“Any kid that grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, (88) was kind of a special number,” Spencer said.

He posted his ticket on social media in several DeLorean and “Back to the Future” groups and received a heavy response.

The CHP officer did issue White the ticket. But before the law enforcement official left, he asked him if he had a flux capacitor in his car.

Unfortunately, White left his at home.

“Maybe if I had the flux capacitor he would have let me off,” White joked.

White will most likely have to pay a heavy fine for speeding, and California Highway Patrol encourages drivers on Memorial Day weekend to buckle up and drive the speed limit. Whether they’re attempting to time travel or not.

Spencer White claims that he will now keep his flux capacitor inside his DeLorean at all times. Samie Gebers/The Signal
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Samie Gebers
Samie Gebers is currently studying broadcast journalism at College of the Canyons. She reports on the weekends as well as produces video content during the week.
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  • Ron Bischof

    Everyone had a laugh because driving 88 MPH isn’t risky. 😀

    • rational2012

      That idea is not competent.

      • That rebuttal is not competent.

      • Ron Bischof

        In what way is it not, specifically?

  • Jeff Lanthripp

    But in order to reach 88 mph in a DeLorean in 2017, he had to go back to 1985 and start accelerating with all 130 horsepower in that 2.8 litre V-6.

    • Ron Bischof

      LOL! And only 153 ft lbs of torque to boot.

    • Jason Blaz


    • TractorEngineer

      A V-6 with only 130 horsepower? That’s embarrassing!

      • John Galt

        Yeah, GM tried to build this one on the cheap using the parts bin. The front suspension was from the Chevette!

        • TractorEngineer

          Wow, learn something new everyday. My brother had a Chevette in college, a great example of what car not to buy. It was fine for a college kid to get around a college town. My dad helped him buy it and I understand not getting a kid something awesome for his 1st car. I’d never get one now!

          • Jim

            Delorean built the Delorean. Then GM sued him because he used to work for them and they claimed he stole ideas from them. Geeze you people are gullible.

          • perry dice

            i think delorean was responsible for the GTO & the era that followed that car..

          • 62nitro

            Yep, Delorean was responsible for the muscle-car era when he stuffed a tri-power 389 ci v-8 into a Pontiac Tempest.

          • Gullible people? On the internet? Next thing you know we’ll have politicians who lie.

          • rps

            Maybe gullwing-able people?

          • roner

            Was it one of those V-6 Chevettes?

          • Under Dog

            Volvo V-6.

            Reliable, but that’s about all you can say for it.

        • ctlovesnathanhale

          GM built a DeLorean, and there is cocaine in the tires according to another troll lol fedgov trolls can travel through time too!

        • TractorEngineer

          Logically, that follows the engine that the Chevette had. I don’t remember the number of horsepower but it’s less than 100, it seems like it was something horridly low like 55hp.

        • Tom Tait

          Omg. Wrong, wrong and wrong. GM did not build the car, it was not built on the cheap at all, and the suspension is Lotus.

          • G2

            Still a ill designed piece of junk. Think I’m wrong? Take a Delorian and pull into any parking lot between two other vehicles and try to get out.

          • IhateLiberals

            But still a highly collectable car. And most people that own one don’t use it as a daily driver.

          • Thomas Ktwentyone

            Yugos are also collectible these days – but also crap

          • rps

            You need about six or eight inches of clearance – far less than car requires. Here’s a GIF showing it in action: http://imgur.com/gallery/dKBg75U

          • roner

            So right – does he not know who DeLorean was, where he came from, and why he built this car?!
            I know the answer…

          • Pablo Hablo

            or how he financed his startup

          • IhateLiberals

            The cocaine bust only happened after the car was in production and the company was deeply in debt.

          • Justavet

            I also know the answers. I was the sales manager at the dealership which received the first DeLorean in the US. It was in NJ and the dealer was a neighbor of John DeLorean (they lived in the same town that Trump has his golf course – Bedminster)..

            We received a prototype in late 1980. I often took one out and it would draw a crowd, especially when you exited from the gull wing doors. (I was the only employee allowed to take a prospective purchaser on a test drive). One of the attributes of the car is that you didn’t sense speed. 80 MPH felt pretty much like 40 MPH. The biggest problem with the car was the mid-engine which was a PVR (Peugeot Volvo Renault) design as it was easy to lose the back end in high speed tight turns. The car would do about 105 MPH (at least the ones I drove would top out at that). The car sold in the mid $20,000 range and the only real option was either a stick or automatic. The most annoying issue was going through brakes every 5,000 miles.

            DMC (Delorean Motor Company) became known as Do More Coke after DeLorean’s arrest for drug trafficking.

          • rps

            That would be rear engine, not mid-engine. An earlier design was for a mid-engine, but the PVR wouldn’t fit.

        • JiminGA

          They were built by Delorean in his factory in Ireland.

          • gene

            Indeed-an interesting anecdote: after the company failed, they interviewed an old Irish farmer who lived on land adjacent to the Northern Ireland factory. In his opinion, the car was doomed from the start-because they leveled a hill used by the “little people” (leprechauns)!

        • John Galt

          Sorry, folks! Massive brain fart. It was past my bedtime when I wrote this. I was thinking of the Fiero. DeLorean was a big wheel at Pontiac, and if you look closely you can find his fingerprints all over it. I plead temporary insanity.

          • Joe in OH

            Good for you. Now go use the edit feature and save yourself some further grief.

        • Joe in OH

          Hey John, know who actually built the DeLorean? Hints: What color is the White House? What’s the number for 911? Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?

      • Attm Motob

        The engine named Volvo, was built by Fiat. This explains its performance

        • daveinlaurel

          The engine was a joint venture with Volvo, Reault and Peugeot. It readily ate camshafts, rocker arms and head gaskets. To most mechanics, it was a nightmare, but I made a ton of money on them.

      • The Deplorable Donald Shannon

        If I recall correctly (and someone may Google it) the engine was from Renault

        • Tom Tait

          It’s called the PRV. It was a joint venture engine developed by Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo.

          It was underpowered, but it was a drop in engine that was already fully emissions certified for the US market. Another choice might have delayed the launch of the car by a year, which would have killed the company.

          When DMC folded they were working on turbo and twin turbo upgrades for the engine for the 83 and later model years.

          Were Delorean still alive, wouldn’t it be great to have him on a panel with Elon Musk, Henrick Fisker, and Malcolm Bricklin?

      • Thomas Ktwentyone

        Blame all the lefties – fuel mileage restrictions, speed limits etc. Those still haunt us.
        Some versions (especially the uber-idiotic California compliant version) of the Corvette of the same era as the DeLorean only had 165hp – from a V8 – thanks liberals!

        • theo retep

          the 454 version had 180 hp,… what a turd,…

    • Raoul Duke

      But how much cocaine was stashed in the tires? Thats the real question.

      • larzo

        Oh the monkeys!

      • prigsby2

        Snow tires.

    • Thomas Pfaff

      Finally that Volvo V-6 is getting some (dis)respect!

  • lois eisenberg

    That laugh on his face is going to be gone once he pays the ticket..**

    • De’Plorable

      I’d wager there’ll be a gofund me or some delorean owners chipping in.
      But hey, what do I know?

  • Trevor_Phillips

    I’d replace that anemic 4 banger with a Porsche engine.

    • Attm Motob

      The VW 4?

  • Rob Froelich

    Spencer should fight the ticket. There’s a good chance that the officer won’t show up, the fact that he has the back to the future car would probably increase that likely hood as the officer most likely only wrote the citation because he had to.

    If I was that cop I wouldn’t show on purpose.

    • Daaghowt

      Around here they let you plea to “parking on pavement” and you don’t lose license points. most people take the plea.

    • Raoul Duke

      All police in California, including CHP, are required to show up or be docked a days pay. I used to drive for Luxor and Uber, I’ve fought many a ticket here until that rule went into effect. Once the cop appears in court there is no fighting the ticket. However, any sensible judge would let this slide with a warning (if he has no prior incidents)…the 14 is generally pretty clear along that area. And oh yeah, it’s a f#&@ing DeLorean doing EXACTLY 88 mph. The comedy value alone pays for this ticket!

  • Captain President

    Worth it!

  • Tom Tait

    He’s lucky he didn’t get dinged for no front license plate too…

  • Rubberman99

    I’m sure that his fine will be worth every penny! Just don’t forget the flux-capacitor next time! 🙂

    • Talos4

      Yeah, really. He could have gone back in time and sabotaged the police car before it chased him. And voila, no speeding ticket!

  • Rubberman99

    FWIW, my 1999 4cyl Toyota Camry can go 110 all day (until it needs gas)!

    • Daaghowt

      yeah but that’s kilometers

      • NutsBolts

        Actually not. Camrys are pretty nice to drive.

        • echo sierra

          Yeah, but chicks don’t ask you to take pics of them next to your Camry.

          • then they added the governor on cars in the US, and nobody could go faster then the ’99 Camry.

      • IhateLiberals

        So what? It’s not a DeLorean!

    • Winston Wolf

      Sucks you have a 1999 Camry. I am actually showing pity for you.

  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague

    Better luck next time.

  • Jim de Bree

    I saw a DeLorean driving down Valencia Boulevard a few days ago. Must have been the same guy.

    This will be an expensive ticket. He was going 33 MPH over the speed limit. Which means the base fine will be $100. However, if you are stopped for speeding, in addition to the base fine the driver will be subject to additional fees that may include:
    State Penalty Assessment $100.00
    County Penalty Assessment $70.00
    DNA Penalty Assessment $50.00
    Court Facility Construction Penalty Assessment $50.00
    20% Surcharge (allowed on all tickets) $20.00
    EMS Surcharge $8.00

    That is a $398 fine. Plus the increased insurance. He is fortunate that he was not written up for reckless driving. That would have added $145 to $1,000 to the ticket, although the CHP would have to prove that he driver intentionally drove with wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. That is probably a high bar in this case.

    • ManOnPoint

      Can he go to driving school in CA to avoid the points???

      • John Galt

        What, and decrease California’s revenue??

        • they might charge for school, wouldn’t put it past them

        • Kroesus

          you still pay fine + a charge for the class….the benefit is no points on license

    • Best_Reviews

      DNA Penalty Assessment? For a speeding ticket? Glad I don’t live in that state.

    • Kroesus

      14 is a FREEWAY with at least 65 and maybe 70 in that area so your numbers are off…..very few highways in LA are 55 except for multi axle vehicles

  • howard patters

    I bet a GoFundMe post would solve the ticket…

  • lightray9a

    Great Scott!

    • William

      this is heavy

      • lineguy

        Is there something wrong with earth’s gravity?

        • pac-daddy

          “GO AWAY, FUTURE BOY!!”

        • Nitro Noriega

          gravitational pull

  • Deplorable Duke Sweden

    Luckily he didn’t go back in time. His mother may have tried to make out with him.

  • LOL!

  • gene

    Amazing-the engine in that car was junk.

  • idontknow

    He should also receive a prize for the fastest Delorean…

  • whattabunchacrap

    The American version of the Bricklin.

    • tomonthebay

      I believe they were actually built in Northern Ireland.

  • Deplorable Displaced Texan

    My Prius gets to 88 all the time on Texas highways

    • Winston Wolf

      How many ‘coexist’ bumper stickers are on your car?

      • Bernard Marx

        And “Save the whales” , “Bernie”…..


  • That ticket will probably cost him about $2500 total if he has full coverage on his car. Glad he and mom got a laugh out of that one.

    • Kroesus

      full coverage on a nearly 40 year old car? talk about pissing into the wind

  • Deplorable Guppy2

    That’s heavy.

  • yoyodeeyo

    why is this a story?….

    • bobby_b

      It’s very funny and entertaining if you are a “Back To The Future” fan.

  • rick charles

    Sounds like bs. Have a buddy that had one and it was so underpowered it wouldn’t go that fast.

  • GuateNY

    Guy sounds like a slacker…

  • mickeyrex

    That’s it? meh and I clicked and responded.

  • Winston Wolf

    Must have taken a couple of minutes to reach 88 MPH in that gutless car

  • Winston Wolf

    2.8 l. V-6, 130 HP..Meanwhile, the 2.9 l. V-6 in the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quattroporte can hit 505 HP.

  • echo sierra

    But did he reach 1.21Gigawatts?

  • Michael_M_Mulligan

    A “Bad Idea” T-Shirt:

    If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it –
    How bad an idea could it be?

  • Seriously

    Slow news day… I’m surprised the DMC hit 88…

  • Mark edward marchiafava

    and the name of the person who’s rights White violated is …………..????

  • have the faith

    Hey mom watch this, when we get this thing up to exactly 88 mph you are going to see some Serious Sh*t! …..Oh Sh!t…oh hi officer, how fast was I going? 88mph Son. Said the officer. 88 mph Oh SH!T!

  • “Let’s see if you bastards can do 90.”

  • Hugh G. Go

    I once heard that BTTF chose 88 mph because that was the DeLorean’s top speed.

  • Thomas R Engel

    You mean they can go that fast? He should be careful of that museum piece; it’s like a Tucker–or an Edsel.

  • stealthdan

    If you could travel back to the 80s, you would find out that the Interstate Hwy speed limit was 55mph. There was no need to build anything with more than 100 hp unless you were hauling freight.

  • Thomas R Engel

    FIAT? Fix It Again, Tony?

    • Bernard Marx

      No – Found In A Toilet! …


  • Sailordude

    Darwin award winner.

  • John Doe

    He gave him a ticket? McFly? Hello, McFly!?!?

  • Rick Rose

    That’s funny the speedometer’s in those cars tops out at 85. Made back in the time, of the interstate highways double nickle speed limits.

  • roner

    That’s about all that turd will do….

  • lysosome

    Dream vehicle? The DeLorean was a piece of crap!

    • Laura

      Yeah? A piece of crap that wouldn’t end up in a pile of rust like the rest. I would take that car over anything now available.

  • Laura

    Read the book “DeLorean” if you want to know why there aren’t more of these cars available – sad story.

  • Larry Dickman

    If he had the flux capacitor installed, you could have hit the 88 and gone back in time the couple of minutes to where he started and the whole incident would never have happened.
    What a butt-head.

  • Peter Malloy

    I think he got that jacket in 1982.

  • Fred762

    Wot? Only 88mph? Good grief my former 2007 V-6 Hundee Sonata seedan was tested by Car & Driver at 149mph and I can attest it sure made it to 125 well b4 a 5 series Beemer one day. LOL 😉

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    The DeLorean was an interesting car/concept. Its biggest problem is it is way under powered for its weight. That stainless steel body is heavy.

  • dikfor

    He should thank the officer for not swabbing the car for traces of cocaine.

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    Now if he had only gotten that ticket on October 21, 2015…. :

  • Jjj1965

    88 in a DeLorean?….was he going downhill with foot to the floor?

  • ukalally

    scumbag cop still gave him the ticket

  • MickeyNewburyFan14

    This is funny!

  • Bampster

    It appears he was unable to make the proper adjustments to the “Flux Capacitor”!
    Otherwise, he could have gone back to the future to avoid the ticket!

  • No victim, no crime.

  • Trevor_Phillips

    The flux capacitor makes time travel possible