Pro golfer, Valencia grad relaxes after busy college career

Alison Lee, a Valencia grad, helped 14-year-old Zoe Campos decide to play in the U.S. Women's Amateur next week. Photo courtesy Under Armour

Valencia grad and professional golfer Alison Lee is done with college and back home for a much-needed few days of relaxation.

“I finally got back home this past Monday and I’ve been home for five days now, so it’s been crazy,” Lee told The Signal. “It’s just been super busy. So it’s kind of nice to be back home.”

But at the same time, her world really hasn’t stopped moving.

She’s back in Valencia after packing up her apartment from her days at UCLA, but she’s also sorting through her belongings for her upcoming move to Las Vegas while preparing for the Ladies Scottish Open.

It’s nothing she’s not used to though. At UCLA, Lee balanced academics, sorority life and professional golf.

Alison Lee, a Valencia grad, managed to balance academics, professional golf and a social life while in college at UCLA. Photo courtesy Under Armour

“(I) definitely feel like once everything settles down, I’m definitely going to get bored a little bit,” said Lee.

While at UCLA, Lee found motivation from her peers to power through her hectic schedule.

Her fellow UCLA golfers kept her going when it came to her athletic career, while her non-student-athlete friends kept her focused academically.

“I wouldn’t say it was just one person, but a large group of people at school (who helped me). I had … at least a couple friends in every single class I had,” Lee said. “So if I was ever gone and it was something really important, they would send me notes, keep me up to date on everything and it was nice.”

Lee, at 22 years old, tied for 17th place in the Marathon Classic Presented by Owens Corning and O-I on July 20. She shot a 10-under after four rounds.

In a field of talented young female golfers, she hopes to grow from there towards her lofty goals.

“I do want to start baby steps, obviously my first goal is to win the tournament, second goal is to win a major and eventually I want to be the No. 1 golfer in the world at some point before I retire,” Lee said.

“Hopefully now that school is over and I have a lot more time, I get to focus more on golf and working on my game and improving. And working towards all my goals.”

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