Accurate Freight Systems expands to new IAC building


Valencia-based Accurate Freight Systems recently signed a five-year lease to become the first tenant in the new business development at the top of Witherspoon in the Valencia Industrial Center. The new 52,063-square-foot facility was built this year by International Airport Centers.

“We are very excited to be able to expand into such a beautiful space,” said owner and president Tony Demma. “This building is the Jennifer Aniston of freight buildings. We’ve got 13 truck docks, 30-foot high ceilings, and space next to the building where trucks can park and more important, maneuver.”

Some buildings are built so tight to the property line that getting trucks in and out becomes a major problem, he said. “This building has a nice pie-shaped triangle of space next to it.”

The company is keeping 20,000 square feet of space on Avenue Paine. “We use the warehouse space to store our customers’ finished goods and excess inventory,” Demma said.

Demma started the in 2006, using his more than 30 years of experience in the freight industry, along with that of his operations manager, Alan Jue.

“Alan has been here since the very first minute,” said Demma. “He is instrumental in our success and one of the hardest working people I know.”

Jue is in charge of operations, while Demma focuses on sales. Demma has sold freight every day since 1985 and still enjoys being involved in that process, but knows the key to a good business is the employees.

“A large part of my success is the ability to surround myself with a great team,” he said.

“We’ve got a good labor pool in Santa Clarita,” he said. “We pay a little more, but that’s worth it when you see how happy people are to work with us. In fact, we just hired our 19th employee, Blanca Murillo, a seasoned sales professional. She’ll be working with Jeff Evans as part of the best sales team in the business.”

Demma began his career in freight in 1985 in Chicago, working for large companies, including FedEx Custom Critical. His wife’s health led the family to seek out a warmer drier climate, and the family moved to Valencia where he began working with another local shipper. After that company went out of business, Demma was encouraged to use his extensive industry experience to start his own business.

“Five years ago, we moved beyond shipping, and into warehousing,” Demma said. “We had 8,000 square feet in 2013, and by 2016 had 40,000 square feet in two buildings. With the new space, “Our fulfilment clients will have room to grow while the additional door and yard space allows operational efficiencies for our transportation operation.”

Demma attributes Accurate Freight’s success to three things: great customers, amazing staff, and the support of key business partners. The company is the Burbank agent for DLS Worldwide Logistics, a division of RR Donnelley, one of the world’s leading print and communications companies.

Demma believes the Santa Clarita Valley is perfectly located for distribution. “Santa Clarita is attracting strong industries that are a little more upscale,” he said, and “the TV and movie studios love doing business up here.  We also work with a number of the aerospace manufacturers. It’s a special place.”

The only advantage shippers located in the middle of Los Angeles enjoy, he said, is proximity to the ports.

Demma explained his customers are loyal because they know Accurate Freight works hard, has competitive rates and a wide range of service. Those services include, courier work, freight, warehousing, and fulfillment.

“Our bottom line is we do good work and have fair pricing,” said Jue. “We want our customers on a long-term basis. We want them 10 or 20 years from now.”

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