Caforio raises most funds in third quarter

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Just over a year away from the mid-term election, fundraising in the 25th Congressional District has gotten more competitive as Democratic challengers grow their donations in the race against Republican incumbent Steve Knight.

In the third quarter, Democrat Bryan Caforio raised the most funds, totaling $241,103.95 compared to Knight’s $240,306.89. Knight, however, has the most cash on hand.

Katie Hill was not far behind with $223,703.04 and Jess Phoenix finished with $49,182.71.

“Bryan’s strong grassroots fundraising reflects the tremendous support he has from every corner of the 25th District,” Caforio’s campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, said.

“While dozens of local officials and groups in the district have already come together to unite behind Bryan’s campaign, Steve Knight remains totally dependent on the Trump Administration, the corporate gun lobby, drug companies and other corporations to prop him up,” she said.

For Caforio, a lawyer, his biggest contribution came from Screen Strategies Media for $10,064.05, a media strategy firm which specializes in political clients. That was followed by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC and Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Political Action League which gave $10,000 each.

All three of Caforio’s largest contributions were made prior to this fundraising quarter.

Caforio, Hill and Phoenix’s campaigns have been funded mostly by independent donors while the majority of Knight’s funds have been provided by various PACs, the largest from California Victory 2018 for $93,460.89.

Knight leads the race for having the most cash on hand with $595,040.28. Caforio, Knight’s opponent in the 2016 race, follows with $292,445.67, then Hill with $267,588.77 and Phoenix with $25,300.00.

“Congressman Knight has more money in the bank than all three of his opponents combined. That is what really matters,” Matt Rexroad, Political Consultant for Knight’s campaign said. “One of these candidates made all these same claims two years ago but finished about (several) points below the top of the ticket. They can just keep sending out press releases and Knight will keep serving his community.”

Caforio’s smallest contribution was for $4.80 and Hill’s was for $5. Phoenix’s smallest was $25 and Knight’s was $100.

The largest donations Hill, former executive director and deputy CEO of nonprofit PATH, received were from several individual donors for $2,700. Much of Hill’s campaign has been funded by individuals in California for small amounts.

“I take pride, not just in the amount we have raised, but in the way our campaign has raised it,” Hill said in a statement. “Unlike my opponent, Steve Knight, my campaign is funded by thousands of grassroots donations, not PACs, corporations and the wealthy Republican party establishment.”

For Phoenix, her largest contributions were also for $2,700.00 from individual donors. The volcanologist saw many of her supporters from out of state and among advocates for science.

Phoenix did not respond for comment.

In the third quarter, Hill spent the most on her campaign, totaling $126,137.10. Following closely, Caforio spent $124,293.70.

Comparatively, Knight spent $75,867.80 and Phoenix spent $75,541.01.

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