Feeling superstitious? Foothill League teams discuss special routines



The fear of the number 13 is a little more significant this week, with Friday the 13th creeping up. While the date might not have much effect on Foothill League teams in particular, some coaches and athletes make an effort to conjure up some good luck before games on a regular basis.

Some coaches are more superstitious than others – some have top-secret pregame traditions, while others don’t believe in luck at all.

A few coaches and players shared with The Signal their take on what habits get them the best results come game time:

Golden Valley football

The Grizzlies distance themselves from any distraction on Friday nights, including pregame traditions.

“We just try to stay within our routine every week,” said coach Dan Kelley. “We try not to change anything. We don’t talk about it. Just another thing to add to the chaos of the game day.”

West Ranch volleyball

“I always ask the girls ‘Guess what?’ and they reply ‘We get to play volleyball today!’ It’s a reminder of how lucky we are that we are able to get to do what we do on a daily basis,” said coach Jamey Ker.

Valencia football

Vikings coach Larry Muir acknowledged that his team has a Friday night ritual, but didn’t disclose the details.

Whatever they do, it’s worked for the Vikes so far this season.

West Ranch football

There’s no such thing as luck according to Wildcats coach Chris Varner. Week in and week out, the Cats stick to the script and have no good luck routine.

Hart volleyball

The Indians have started a tradition this season of writing “#17” on their hands before each game, which also serves as a reminder of their support for Alyssa Cosey, a Hart volleyball player who is battling leukemia.

Hart is currently undefeated in league play.

West Ranch girls tennis

Like Varner, Wildcats tennis coach Dina McBride prefers to focus on the task in front of her team. No superstitions here.

Valencia volleyball

Before each match, the Vikings gather in a location outside the gym to get hyped for the challenge ahead of them. There’s some specific details involved, but they’re confidential.

“It is kind of a secret to our group … but we like to sing and dance,” said outside hitter Lo Russ.

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