New water agency in search of a logo
Proposed districts if the consolidation of Castaic Lake Water Agency and the Newhall County Water District are finalized via legislation.
By Jim Holt
Friday, October 27th, 2017

Now that a brand new water agency has been approved by the Governor, what it needs now is a logo.

Members of both the Castaic Lake Water Agency and Newhall County Water District revealed this week that they – collectively as representatives of the new agency – in search of a visual image, symbol or design that would reflect the character and mission of the new agency.

“We launched a logo contest and asked staff to come up with logos,” Matt Stone, general manager of the CLWA said Tuesday at the first of three public meetings slated to discuss the transition.

The new system of distributing water throughout the Santa Clarita Valley gets underway Jan. 1, 2018 as a result of the passage of SB634 which created one water agency after the water wholesaler and retailer sought legislation to consolidate, putting aside their differences and settle prior litigation.

“I suspect we’ll get some good ideas,” Stone said, referring to the CLWA’s in-house logo campaign.

“People can go a lot of different ways on this,” he said. “It was meant to be fun.”

Although the logo-search has not been finalized by either of the out-going soon to be obsolete agencies – the CLWA and NCWD – it was one of many items of discussion raised at Tuesday’s public meeting.

Local water officials are expected to review proposed logo submittals in November.

“The logo should reflect our mission statement and values,” Steve Greyshock, spokesman for the NCWD, speaking on behalf of the NCWD regarding its ongoing involvement in the emerging new water agency.

“The logo is part of our overall development,” he said Friday, noting the issue of selecting an appropriate logo is likely to become an agenda item for the second of three public meetings on the transition.

The public is invited to attend a follow-up meeting set to take place at the Rio Vista Bravo Water Treatment Plant overlooking Central Park on Bouquet Canyon Road on Nov. 13.

A third meeting is in the works for Dec. 4 at a location still be determined.

Anyone wanting more information about the agency’s search for a logo should visit the agency’s website .


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