Three SCV people wounded in mass shooting still in hospital

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At least three of the local people shot and wounded in Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas were reported Thursday to still be recovering in hospital.

Those still being treated, monitored and tested by medical personnel in Las Vegas include Dominica Zeolla, Cesar Ranuschio and Susie LaPorte.

“Hopefully, we’ll have her home by Saturday,” Zeolla’s mother, Debbie, told The Signal.

Dominica Zeolla. photo courtesy of Facebook.

Zeolla, a real estate agent who went to Canyon High School and who then studied at College of the Canyons, was reported Thursday to still be recovering from a gunshot wound, her mother said.

“She received a good prognosis,” Debbie Zeolla said, noting that a chest tube inserted to draw blood from her lungs was expected to be removed Thursday.

The message relayed to her by her daughter remains unchanged, she said: “She wants everyone to know she is praying for others affected by this. She is praying for everyone.

One wish she had, according to her mother, was to find the good Samaritan driving the dark-colored Toyota Tacoma who took Dominica from the shooting scene to the hospital.

In the last couple of days,  Zeolla was able to identify the driver of the Tacoma and thank her, Debbie Zeolla said.

“She (Dominica) wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this woman,” she said. “She kept her from dying.  This woman loaded her up in her truck and took her to the hospital.”




Also, in the hospital and recovering is Susie LaPorte.

The Valencia woman, a well-loved hair dresser who recently “semi-retired,” was shot twice – once in the upper torso and once in the neck.

Susie LaPorte. courtesy photo.

On Tuesday, her condition was reported to be stable, with physicians hoping to “lessen” the amount sedation she was under, according to her close friend, Bobbie Burrows.

About 24 hours later, doctors told her she would not need surgery and that the readings of a n MRI were good.

LaPorte’s broken shoulder remains in sling.

The bullets, however, remain in her body, Burrows told The Signal.

LaPorte – like fellow SCV gunshot survivor Zeolla – still has a breathing tube inserted inside her chest to withdraw fluids.



A third SCV resident, still in Vegas being treated for a gunshot would that narrowly missed his heart is Cesar

Ranuschio, owner of Bodyshopp661 in Canyon Country.

His friend, Anne Brandy Marlett, who set up a fundraising site for him on GoFundme posted a photo of Ranuschio seen standing and walking with an intravenous pole at the hospital Thursday, with the accompanying note: “up and moving.”

Cesar Ranuschio with fiance, Jessica. photo courtesy of Ann Marlett-Scholzen.

Cesar was shot in the chest, and during surgery it was discovered that the bullet had moved and lodged in his heart, Marlett wrote on the site.

The bullet that hit him in the chest was found by surgeons to be one eighth of an inch from his heart, she told The Signal.  He was immediately scheduled for open heart surgery.

And, on Wednesday, Marlett told The Signal that the surgery went well.

“He is doing well,” she said, noting he is recovering.

Close to $10,000 has been raised for Cesar Ranuschio and his fiance, Jessica.

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