Valencia father shot and killed, his son wounded in Vegas mass shooting

John Phippen, of Valencia, killed in Las Vegas mass shooting Sunday.

A Santa Clarita man and his son, a Valencia High School grad, were among at least 58 people shot in Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, claiming the life of the elder and leaving his son in hospital.

John Phippen died early Monday morning after he was reportedly shot in the back during the shooting, according to Jim Martin, who learned of the local connection Sunday night.

Phippen’s son, Travis, was reportedly shot in the arm and remains in the hospital, Martin told The Signal Monday morning.

“My daughter sent me a text that Travis had called her crying and that was before he learned about his father,” Martin said.

His daughter and Travis Phippen each attended Valencia High School, he said.

“He (Travis) called her from the hospital,” Martin said referring to his daughter.

“He sent her a picture of his gunshot wound, a single gunshot. “That was when he thought everything would be ok with his dad.”

Sometime after midnight Sunday, John Phippen who, according to Martin, lived in Valencia near the Old Road and Valencia Boulevard.

The news has rocked members of both the Phippen and Martin families.

“My daughter’s not feeling really good right now,” he said.

“When I got the text about the news, in the middle of the night, I went online and I couldn’t believe it. Oh My God, I couldn’t believe it,” Martin said.

John Phippen ran a home remodelling and repair company in Valencia called J P Specialities.
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  • John was a very dear friend of mine and I am devastated and this family lost their mom a few years back. We need to find a way to rally around his family especially his 14 year old daughter Aliyah. This man would give you the shirt of his back and his legacy will not be stolen by the evil that has robbed us of this one-of-a kind man. I love you, John.

    • My name is Derek Williams and John was my 2nd cousin. We worked and went to school together then lost touch 20yrs now please lmk and ibfo you get. Thank you.

  • Seriously - can someone proofread your work - this sentence makes no sense, what are you trying to say? "Sometime after midnight Sunday, John Phippen who, according to Martin, lived in Valencia near the Old Road and Valencia Boulevard."

    • Yes, obviously reporter reading from his notes and not structuring the sentences properly, but must refer to the time of the phone call to family.
      I learned on another website that this poor man's wife committed suicide 4 years ago. So the son is now without both parents.
      It seems there a lots of family friends willing to step in though.

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