Holiday Lights: 17552 Gladesworth Lane

Gladesworth Lane

Location: 17552 Gladesworth Lane, Canyon Country

Description: Why have a Christmas display when you can have a Christmas light show? Our light show is composed of 100% RGB pixels. Each pixel can be individually controlled and set to any color or intensity via E131 controllers. There are 8,000 pixels and 7 AlphaPix controllers for our 2017 light show. We have 3 mega trees, 4 matrixes, 3 snowflakes, 3 stars, 4 medium arches and 4 small arches. The rooflines, sides of the house, garage door and driveway are also lined with RGB lights for maximum effect. Finally, we mounted 6 RGB strips on our live tree for the finishing touches. For our 2017 light show, we are using the song “Shake Up Christmas” by Train. Please follow our youtube link. The video quality is fair, and it is so much better live and in person. Enjoy!

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