Marilyn Searcy: Stop bullying the president

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Opened up The Signal on Wednesday, Dec. 27, got to page A5 to John Cole’s “Drawing Conclusions,” and just had to sigh and wonder why?

The “cartoon” looks like a principal of an elementary school talking to parents of a student telling them their child routinely mocks and taunts his smaller classmates, calls them names and humiliates them to make him feel bigger.

Above the head of the father is a quote that says, “So you’re saying he could grow up to become president”?

I myself found that very unnecessary to even print. With so much negativity and bullying toward the president this past year, why print something like that? I say shame on you, John Cole, for drawing it, and shame on The Signal for printing it.

We have a president who finally cares about the American people and is doing his best and has accomplished so much in his first year in office. I’m thankful he has broad shoulders and can stand up to bullies.

I would like to read more positive things and less negative articles and “cartoons” that are so unnecessary. I was taught to respect our POTUS as well as our flag, but that’s another issue for another time. Just needed to get this bullying thing addressed.

Marilyn Searcy
Santa Clarita

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