VaNile Risser: Thanks for a reminder of the positives in our lives

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Letters to the Editor
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Anthony Breznican’s article “Reclaiming the stars and stripes” in the Dec. 2 issue of The Signal is absolutely a beautiful, delightful and inspirational piece of writing.  So refreshing and positive!

I’m keeping a copy to have my family read once in a while and hope it will remind them of some of the good things that exist among all the negative and hostile discussions and attitudes that seems to be the norm of the day.

The flag outside my house is inspirational to me, and I enjoy seeing it flying from the homes and flag poles of others throughout our community.

Mr. Breznican’s comments are certainly food for thought. We all can use a bit of positive thought-provoking attitudes and reminders that seem to escape us in what is frequently the chaos among us in our daily lives.

Thank you, Anthony and The Signal, for printing it.

VaNile Risser

Canyon Country

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