Local fire stations offer sandbags to residents

FILE PHOTO: Santa Clarita resident Ray Real makes sandbags in front of Fire Station 123 on Sand Canyon on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017, in anticipation of Friday's storm that will bring a predicted six inches of rain to the area. Katharine Lotze/Signal

As the first major storm of the season hit the Santa Clarita Valley Monday, local fire stations were offering free sandbags and sand to residents to protect their properties.

According to officials, sandbags play a critical role in defending homes against potential flooding and mud and debris storms.

Areas especially susceptible to debris flow and mudflow dangers include the Rye Fire burn area and the Sand Fire burn area, which has only had one year to recover.

A total of 15 fire stations across the Santa Clarita Valley are offering free sandbags to residents, according to the Los Angeles Department of Public Works.

Residents are encouraged to call the stations in advance to check the availability of both sandbags and sand at each location.

Fire Stations Offering Sandbags and/or Sand:

A map of fire stations offering free sandbags to residents in the Santa Clarita Valley. Los Angeles County Public Works Map

Canyon Country
Fire Station No. 107: offering Sandbags and Sand
18239 W. Soledad Canyon Rd.

Fire Station No. 149
: offering Sandbags and Sand
31770 Ridge Route

Fire Station No. 73: offering Sandbags and Sand
24875 N. Railroad Ave.

Santa Clarita
Fire Station No. 150: offering Sandbags and Sand
19190 Golden Valley Rd.

Fire Station No. 104: offering Sandbags and Sand
26201 Golden Valley Rd.

Fire Station No. 126: offering Sandbags and Sand
26320 Citrus St.

Fire Station No. 123: offering Sandbags and Sand
26321 Sand Canyon Rd.

Fire Station No. 128: offering Sandbags and Sand
28450 Whites Canyon Rd.

Fire Station No. 108: offering Sandbags and Sand
28799 Rock Canyon Dr.

Fire Station No. 132: offering Sandbags and Sand
29310 Sand Canyon Rd.

Stevenson Ranch
Fire Station No. 124: offering Sandbags and Sand
25870 Hemingway Ave.

Fire Station No. 156:
offering Sandbags and Sand
24505 Copper Hill Dr.

Fire Station No. 111: offering Sandbags
26829 Seco Canyon Rd.

Fire Station No. 76: offering Sandbags and Sand
27223 Henry Mayo Dr.

Fire Station No. 143: offering Sandbags
28580 Hasley Canyon Rd.

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