Saugus “Blue Crew” student section brings it every game

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Editor’s Note: The Saugus “Blue Crew” student section was chosen for a feature story after winning a poll on the official @SignalSports Twitter. The Blue Crew finished in first place with 587.3 votes. Valencia was second with 478.08 votes.

Matt Sayers, the goalkeeper for Saugus boys soccer was exhausted after his game against Golden Valley on Tuesday afternoon.

Sluggishly, he made his way to the Saugus High School gym, where the Centurion boys basketball team was set to play and also where the “Blue Crew,” the Saugus student section awaited him.

“I went to the game after and I was like, I’m so dead, so tired and I get in there and I walk in and everyone is like ‘Hey, Matt’s here’ and cheering and it gets me hyped up,” said Sayers, who is a Blue Crew leader. “It works.”

The Blue Crew doesn’t just energize its leaders, though. The Saugus student section is loyal to its boys basketball team, arriving at every game to show their support.

Planning for basketball season begins before preseason. Saugus ASB works to decide the themes for each game and the basketball team and its coach is in touch with the Blue Crew to with their expectations for the season.

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During the season, the coach remains in touch with the student section before each game, mostly to give suggestions for chants.

“The team always gives us the support and what they feel that Blue Crew needs to bring it to every game,” said Jake Rochford, ASB executive secretary and Blue Crew leader. “They feel a responsibility to perform for us as well.”

The competition isn’t just on the hardwood, though. Student section rivalries are common, with schools competing to see which section brings out the biggest crowd.

“I know we lost to Golden Valley (on Tuesday), but their student section was like 12 people,” Sayers said. “We had 150 kids screaming their heads off. Something about Saugus sports, everyone just loves cheering on our school. It’s awesome.”

On the surface, it may seem like a little over 100 teenagers being loud and overly-rambunctious, it also provides a place for students to feel like they belong.

Sayers transferred to Saugus three years ago and was immediately drawn to the Blue Crew.

“I came here from England, so it was nice to be accepted like that,” Sayers said.

As for the future of the Blue Crew, the group wants to make appearances at other sporting events like swimming and soccer.

Sayers also wants to build a staff to be passed down from generation to generation of Blue Crew leaders.

One thing that will remain the same, though, is the Blue Crew’s fearless school spirit.

“You’ve just got to like, not bring the other team down,” Rochford said. “Just boost your voice out there and be classy but kind of loud.”

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