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Loan Professional, Augusta Financial
When Kris Kehl was a 20-something college student, Augusta Financial prepared his first home loan. Then hired him as the company’s limousine driver. Then hired him as a loan officer, his role for the past 14 years in Santa Clarita.

On the web:
Phone: 661-260-2970, ext.2292
Email: [email protected]

What attributes have helped Augusta Financial build its reputation as one of the Santa Clarita Valley’s top lenders?
We are a local lender that has a vested interest in the community. We believe in helping people find the right financial instrument to help them along the way with their real estate investment. A loan is a tool for building long-term wealth and security through real estate. We look at each client’s long-term goals and pair that with a plan that works for them.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given during your career and how have you used it to benefit your clients?
For this question, I feel that the best answer is not what is the best advice that I’ve been given but instead what advice have I not taken. I’ve been given tons of advice over the years at how to better ‘close the deal’ and most of this advice was purely for the benefit of the salesperson. Obviously, I’m in sales but I’ve always said I feel more like a helper than a salesperson. I want to help my clients, I don’t want to sell my clients. My clients have a need, and I want to help them fulfill their need with what is best for them and not sell them on what is best for me. I feel this has greatly helped my clients make the best decision for their financial needs and, in return, I have gained their trust and their continued business and referrals.

What’s your forecast for the foreseeable future of mortgage lending in the Santa Clarita Valley?
More people are going to keep moving to the Santa Clarita Valley as it is a great place to raise a family with good schools and a safe environment. Prices will continue to rise in the foreseeable future and we think that rates will rise slowly, too. The economy is strong here in the valley and we expect job growth and, hopefully, more businesses to enter the valley which is all good stuff for real estate!

How has Signal Digital Solutions proven valuable to Augusta Financial, and why would you recommend it to other business professionals?
When marketing yourself to an audience, it is important to be exposed to as many people in the community as possible. Local businesses need to be front and center to the people that live in that community.

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