Earth Day celebrates keeping our planet clean

Participants in the Town & Country Farm School’s Earth Day activities sponsored by Applied Resource Insurance Solutions. Courtesy photo

Once a year the world celebrates a day, reminding all the impact that industry can have on the environment and how we can make the planet a cleaner, greener place.

Earth Day started 48 years ago, on Apr 22 1970, after millions of people took to the streets to protest the smog building in the atmosphere which was leading to development delays in kids, according to the Earth Day organization.

Months after the first Earth Day, President Richard Nixon and Congress responded by creating the Environmental Protection Agency and new legislation like the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

The City of Santa Clarita celebrates the day a bit later than most, combining their celebration with Arbor Day a week later during their Earth Arbor Day Festival.

The festival hopes to inspire its attendees to “renew their commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, according to the city’s website. During the festival 1000 free trees will be given out for attendees to plant.

Attendees will have the chance to vote on various decorated trash cans for the festival’s cArt aRt competition. Participants will have a chance to win prizes bases on their designs, according to the city’s website.

Nationally the Earth Day organization is making a pledge to reduce the amount of plastic items used by people everyday. The organization offered multiple ways for people to get involved with this year’s movement, whether an individual, an organization or a teacher looking to organize students to “End Plastic Pollution” with informational guides on their website.

Those looking for more information about ways to be more eco-friendly can visit the EPA’s website, which created a “Greener Living” web-guide for their #EarthDayEveryDay movement.

Next week on Apr 27, the nation will observe Arbor day, which encourages the planting of tree

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