Air quality continues to be forecasted as unhealthy in SCV

FILE PHOTO: Smog and smoke from a nearby brush fire obscure the mountains to the north of Santa Clarita. Cory Rubin/The Signal

The Santa Clarita Valley’s air quality has once again been deemed unhealthy for sensitive individuals, according to multiple news releases from the Los Angeles County Department of Health.

Los Angeles County Interim Health Officer Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, MD, MPH, said residents living and working in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and LA County Mountains with respiratory diseases such as asthma should keep all outdoor activities to a minimum. This applies to any schools in session with children who have the same respiratory problems.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Now website is estimating the Air Quality Index, AQI, to be around 132 today. This indicates it will be “unhealthy for sensitive individuals.”

Factors that go into the AQI forecast include pollutant details, such as AQIs on carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, coarse dust particles (PM10) and fine particles (PM2.5), according to Air Now. Among these factors, ozone has the highest AQI of 132. Meanwhile, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and PM10 particles range from 15, 20 and 36 AQI, which are all considered “good.”

As of noon, the AQI registered at 63, which is considered “moderate” with the health message, “Unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.” Ozone AQI was at 36 and PM2.5 particles were at 63. These were the only pollutant details provided.

The higher the AQI remains, the more polluted the air is and the greater the risk for those with health concerns.

To look at the air quality map, go to the EPA website for a full list of air quality across LA County and the state.

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