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Even now, when Internet seemed to conquer the whole world and people do not imagine their lives anymore without different gadget, there are some people who still believe that a start-up is a concept that should be implemented first of all in mortal world.  Well, the thing is, regardless where you live – in Silicon Valley, in Hong Kong, in a small French village, or in Santa Clarita, you can start a business that might change the world. All you need is the internet and a bit of knowledge on how to create a business website.

If you read any of the stories of startups like Uber and Airbnb, you will notice some common things that made these startups succeed.

Get started

The word start in a start-up is important. Many people who have a great idea never get started because they believe that in order to start, you need to have a perfect idea, be living in New York, and have lots of money. This is not the case at all as things only start to happen only when you actually have started.

Don’t make the mistake of overthinking anything. The fact that the idea has crossed your mind means that it is an idea that could work. Once you have an image, the only thing that is stopping you from starting can only be you. Never procrastinate; just do what needs to be done.

Turn your idea into sales

In order to make your money, decide what it is that you are going to sell. Some people have an idea, right from the word go about what they may offer to others, while others have a general intention to organize their own business, they have time and money to invest, but do not know yet what precisely they can offer.

In order to sell anything, you have to ensure that you are solving a problem. In actual fact, sell a solution. Look for problems in the community where you stay and start selling solutions to them. Let’s say, if your neighbors have challenges with finding small change to pay when they leave parking lots in shopping malls, learn how to make a business website that manages the payment so that drivers don’t have to wait at boom gates.

Ask for help

It’s one thing to have a great business idea and it is another to have the skills to get the show on the road. When you start your business, it’s time to start using all your connections that have the answers. For instance, you may need to understand the law regarding how to ensure no one steals your idea.

Look for organizations around your neighborhood that can help you. In most cases, there are business organizations (for instance, Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation) that can assist you with answers to some of your questions.

Use freelancers

You don’t have to start off with a pool of talented people costing you money; start with freelance employees who only work when you need them. The good thing about the internet is that it can connect you to people in different parts of the world where labor is cheaper than here, in South California.

Hiring remote staff and contract workers ensure that you don’t have to sit with massive overheads like paying employee insurance, pensions and having to deal with their tax issues. Also, many talented people will not be willing to leave their relatively secure jobs to come and work for a startup. Commissioning work only when you need it is a win-win solution for both the workers and the startup.

Get a partner

If you look at most startups, you’ll discover they have co-founders. Having a partner ensures that you have the extra inspiration during those times when success looks impossible. People who have the capital to support your initiative will also be more willing to give you support if you’re working as a team. A partner can also come with those skills and connections that you don’t have when working on your own.


Even though some start-ups have created billionaires, never make the mistake of thinking that a start-up is easy. However, this should not be understood to mean that it is impossible either. Every time when the going gets tough, remember; if it was easy, everyone would be already doing it.

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