Local Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid carnival

Local Muslim women catch up at the Eid Carnival/ Skylar Barti The Signal

Santa Clarita Muslims came together as a community to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the month long holiday of Ramadan, with their annual Eid carnival celebration Saturday.

The celebration, which was hosted at Richard Rioux Park this year, invited all members of the community together to feast and celebrate the end of one of the most important holidays on the Muslim calendar. During Ramadan, observing Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

“After the completion of (Ramadan) we have Eid,” said Jun Aid, who attended the carnival. “It’s a celebration, a graduation day, I would compare it to Christmas day. We’re celebrating that day, we start our day off going for pray and then usually have meals throughout the day and give gifts to each other.”

Families from all over the area came together to share food and fun. Two bounce houses were set up for kids, fathers played cricket with their fathers and kids and mothers sat together in circles talking and eating.

“All the Muslims in the community get together, eat lunch together and just enjoying their day,” Aid said. “It’s the kids getting together and realizing that it’s a celebration, it’s festive, people hanging out with each other. It’s just good vibes, good food.”

The Eid carnival offers the Muslim community a chance to also spread the message of what Ramadan means to those who may not know the tradition.

“It’s an opportunity for people who aren’t Muslim to ask and be more religiously aware,” Aid explain about his faith. “Ramadan is just an opportunity for us to create a more god conscious life. It’s just you’re living your life in a way where you want to please God constantly. It’s not just that you’re not eating anything, realistically, you’re fasting from lying, cursing, bad behavior.”

This year Eid was observed on Friday Jun 15, with the Carnival happening the next day. For members of the community like Aid they are happy to see so many from the fledgling community come out and celebrate.

“Ramadan is an opportunity to improve ourselves and become better people,” Aid finished. “A lesson to be a better human being and I don’t think there are enough of those.”

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