CUSD approves policy to help military children

Prior to the approval the the new resolution at Thursday's district meeting, the governing board joined Superintendent Steve Doyle, board President Laura Pearson, Clerk Stacy Dobbs for a discussion on the Measure QS bond series, which was approved by voters in 2012.

Responding to the challenges and unique circumstances military children face on a daily basis, the Castaic Union School District approved a policy on Thursday that seeks to lessen the children’s impediments to success.

“The governing board recognizes that children of military families face challenges to their academic success caused by the frequent moves or deployments of their parents or guardians,” the policy reads. “The district shall provide such students with academic resources, services, and opportunities for extracurricular and enrichment activities that are available to all district students.”

The newly adopted regulations reflect the Every Student Succeeds Act, which mandates that military-connected students will be assigned a national identification number to facilitate the monitoring of their academic progress, the agenda report states.

The policies require the districts to issue an annual report card that includes state achievement results for such students, and include optional language that could require the district to provide professional development related to the educational rights of military-connected students, according to the policy. “It also adds optional language on collaborating with the military’s school liaison officers,” and requires that districts must not prohibit the transfer of a military-connected student out of the district.

Board President Laura Pearson and member Fred Malcomb both shared their excitement for the new regulation at the conclusion of Thursday’s district meeting.

“I think this is something that we should’ve been doing all along,” Pearson said.

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