LA County prepares for property tax exchange in Plum Canyon annexation

The Proposed map for the Plum Canyon Annexation from the city Planning Commission.
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With the annexation of Plum Canyon winding its way through the approval process, the City Council plans Tuesday night to adopt a joint resolution for the exchange of property tax revenue with Los Angeles County.

In late April the council approved the proposed 3,118-acre annexation consisting of Plum Canyon, Skyline Ranch and North Sand Canyon. The annexation proceedings went to the Local Agency Formation Commission, LAFCO, on May 8, which governs local government boundaries in Los Angeles County. LAFCO approval is required to finalize the annexation.

The annexation, about 4.9 square miles, includes 2,664 homes on 1,037 acres in Plum Canyon, 1,220 homes on 1,925 acres at Skyline Ranch and 74 homes on 155 acres in northern Sand Canyon, according to Deputy City Manager Darren Hernandez. Should the annexation be approved, it would expand the city’s total area to more than 70 square miles.

Nearly 80 percent of Plum Canyon residents responded in favor of the annexation, said Carrie Lujan, communications manager for Santa Clarita.

“One of the key benefits of annexation is local representation,” said Carrie Lujan, communications manager for Santa Clarita, in an email to The Signal. “Our residents have easy access to five council members who are elected at large. Community member are always welcome to come speak at council or commission meetings right here at City Hall.”

City data estimates all three areas of the annexation would add 11,874 residents to the city’s population once built out, with the largest population — 3,660 residents — living in Skyline Ranch.

Over 1,500 residents responded to the survey and 300 participated in community meetings.

Los Angeles County’s draft property tax transfer resolution provides for the exchange with a general fund transfer of $523,000 and $277,000 for the Public Library Fund for the Plum Canyon area. Neither transfer amounts will affect current Santa Clarita taxpayers, according to the agenda report.

LAFCO must hold two hearings ahead of a complete annexation, said Lujan. The hearings consist of a general hearing and, if necessary, a protest hearing.

Both hearings are anticipated to be completed by November, she added.

Eleven percent of residents did not support the annexation, while 12 percent needed more information.

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