NSD will meet for ‘study session’ tonight

File photo of the executive leadership team of the Newhall School District

With a new superintendent and employees shuffling from one cabinet position to another, the Newhall School District plans to use Tuesday’s board meeting as a planning session to inform the board and community about the district’s current and future happenings.

“It’s pretty much a study session. We aren’t making any decisions,” board President Phil Ellis said. Instead, the head of each department will share prospective changes that could be occurring in the district in order to get the board up to speed and everybody on the same page.

“The district has talked about changing its board protocols for some time,” Ellis said, so a facilitator will come in and help with that.

Following the updates to district protocols, Ellis said, human resources, business and curriculum officials will present how they feel the district should proceed in future months.

“A lot of things are like watching paint dry,” he added, but it’s all necessary because it helps keep board on track and cohesive.

“We’ve done this before and found that it’s very helpful to plan ahead and to know when people are retiring,” Ellis said. Whether its monetary or instructional, the board needs to know how to succeed with our departments as they are and what we do proceeding forward.

All of the feedback that is shared at the governing board will be addressed at a later board meeting, Ellis added. “As I said, it’s more of a planning session than anything else,” but the public is always invited to come hear what the district has to say.

Tuesday’s meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at the district office, according to the agenda. As always, the meeting is scheduled to include time for the public to speak and share their opinions.

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