RV driver arrested after wedging vehicle at a drive-through exit

The RV entered from the opposite end of the drive-through, driving up onto the curb and became stuck under the restaurant's roof. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

A recreational vehicle attempted to go through the opposite end of Boston Market’s drive-through after closing hours Friday evening, according to Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials.

Law enforcement officials were initially called at 10:37 p.m. and arrived 15 minutes later, said Lt. Leo Bauer. The 25-year-old driver was arrested for an unrelated vehicle code violation, Bauer said.

Jerry Thorpe, general manager of the location, said he received a call from home between 10:30 and 11 p.m. about someone pulling their RV through the drive-through. The driver appeared to be looking for the exit out onto Newhall Ranch Road, Thorpe said.

The vehicle became stuck and caused damage to the roofing around Boston Market’s drive-through exit. Tire marks and debris were still visible Saturday afternoon.

While stuck, the driver asked the manager to use the phone, Thorpe said.

“I told the manager not to let the driver use the phone until the police arrived,” he said.

Although the driver was arrested, a woman was seen running from the RV, Thorpe said. No information on her whereabouts nor the driver’s identity were available.

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