Tip of the Week: Safely Using Hiking Trails

Dan Watson Community Hiking Club Executive Director Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel climbs onto the "pyramid", a piece of the concrete dam that was rolled several hundred yards downstream after the break on March 12, 1928. 030615
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The Santa Clarita Valley offers many great trails and open spaces for hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding. When using these trails, we all need to take precautions to assure we enjoy them safely. Whenever possible, go with a friend or family member. If you do chose to go alone, assure someone knows when and where you will be, as well as what trails you plan on taking. Here is a good packing list of items you should ALWAYS take, even for a short hike or ride:

  1. Sufficient cool, fresh water and snacks.
  2. A basic first aid kit and emergency blanket.
  3. Flash light (even if going during daylight hours).
  4. Trail maps.
  5. Fully charged cell phone and extra battery.
  6. Your identification, along with emergency contact information.
  7. Emergency medical tag or bracelet (if you have any unusual medical needs.)
  8. Any medications you may need, even if you’ve already taken them for the day.

Additionally, when leaving your vehicle unattended, do NOT leave any high valued items, wallets, or purses in your vehicle where they are easy to see. If you cannot take the items with you, secure them in your trunk and out of view. When you do this, be sure to check the area for anyone who may be watching where you put these items. Assure all your vehicle windows are completely up, and that all the doors are locked. And finally….TAKE YOUR KEYS WITH YOU. Hiding your car keys on top of a tire under the fender really isn’t a good idea, and the bad guys know to look there.

Take care, and be safe.

Dep Kevin Duxbury
[email protected]
Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

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