Enjoy the SCV Arts Scene Over the Holidays


By Patti Rasmussen
Signal Staff Writer

While there’s no single art museum in the Santa Clarita Valley yet, there are eight city-sponsored art galleries located around town for your enjoyment.

Santa Clarita Arts Supervisor Jeff Barber is responsible for many of the city-sponsored exhibits, but the valley is fortunate to have a vibrant artist community and several locations in town to present art in all manner of exhibits.

Barber said he loves to share the creativity of artists and hopes the residents of Santa Clarita take a moment to see what’s around town.

Beginning this month, art lovers can make the rounds at several exhibits now underway. Check out the gallery times and just pop in and see what wonderful art there is to see in the SCV.

For more information on upcoming art events and gallery openings, log on to www.santaclaritaarts.com

Forest Spirit Town Center Art Space                                                                                                           (Available through Feb. 19)

Artist Kevin Hallagan uses a variety of techniques and mediums with each piece influencing the next. Hallagan grew up in the forests of Pennsylvania, and is now living in Los Angeles.

Hallagan said nature has greatly influenced his creativity with the reaching branches of trees, the playful current of streams, the gentle clatter of leaves in the breeze and the deer, patient and strolling.

The First Floor Gallery at City Hall
Reception: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
(Available through Feb. 28)

The Art Classic is an annual awards show and gala fundraiser presented by the Santa Clarita Artists’ Association.

This year’s event, held in September, featured over 100 pieces of art in a variety of mediums including sculpture, oils, photography, graphics, watercolor and acrylic. Work that received first place awards at the show are being featured in the exhibit. For more information, please visit SantaClaritaArtists.org.

‘Dressing Up Is Fun,’ Newhall Community Center
(Available through Feb. 14)

Artist Georgette Arison said she likes to use many different and unique materials in unconventional ways. She likes to stretch her boundaries and abilities as an artist and is passionate about using accessories and embellishments.

Currently a costume design student, she enjoys working with leather and painting on silk.

‘Dream Seeds,’ Valencia Public Library
(Available through Feb. 16)

Artist Audrey Jackson has created a series of work over the past two years as an expression of her own struggles, passions and dreams. The painting acts as a seed, slowly growing and blossoming into her dreams and goals.

Jackson is a CalArts student pursuing an art career. Her talent has already been commissioned by a national wine company, various musicians and several local pop-up art and gallery shows.

‘The Feminine Figure: Strength, Resilience and Insights,’ Canyon Country Library
(Available through Feb. 9)

Artist and educator Kim Adam has been using her artistic talents for the past 25 years as a therapeutic tool. She said her art and its process assist her in staying grounded and working through issues in life.
For the last 10 years, Kim has shared her gift with others through education. This exhibit is full of images that are personal and serve as a reflection of her own strength and resilience, Kim said. The images focus on the feminine figure’s strength and beauty.

(Available through Dec. 7)                                                                                                                             

“Memory | Mythology” is an exhibition of work by Los Angeles artist Theresa Knopf that ranges from ink drawings, collages and fiber installations.

Her work explores the fluidity of memory and its ability to rewrite itself over time to create variations in personal narratives.

Non-city sponsored galleries
‘Holiday Sparkle,’ Santa Clarita Artists’ Association Gallery
(Available through Dec. 30)

Artist Tony Hanna uses mixed media including digital photo retouching. He has always been inspired by Thomas Kinkade and saw a match in the Piru Mansion when he added some snow and lights in the windows, Other pieces include an oil painting of his dog and a photo of his family.

‘Seasons Around the World,’ Canyon Theatre Guild
(Available through Jan. 17)

Artist Laurie Morgan’s one-woman show will include a selection of landscape, still life and floral life. Morgan said she’s intrigued by historical architecture and you will find parts of a house, castle, cabin, barns or other structures in her work. Also look for windows, doors and arches.

Morgan’s work has been exhibited at the Gallery of Santa Clarita, La

Galeria Gitana in San Fernando, Santa Paula Arts Association Gallery and several more. Her complete collection can be viewed at www.lauriemorgan.biz. 

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