Santa Clarita partners with tech company to offer app aimed at improving safe bicycle travel

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Santa Clarita is once again the first city to test new technology aimed at improving the way of life in the area. This time, bicyclists and motorists will have the opportunity to experience a pilot program firsthand.

The city, in partnership with Sensys Networks Inc., a world-leading wireless technology company, announced Tuesday a new, free mobile app for bicycle detection at signalized intersections.

New signs installed at intersections along the Chuck Pontius Commuter Rail bike trail light up when a bicycle is detected. Courtesy photo of the city of Santa Clarita

The purpose? To “improve safety, decrease congestion and improve the travel experience for many different types of connected travelers,” according to Amine Haoui, CEO of Sensys Networks.

The GiveMeGreen! app is the first of many connected and autonomous traveler apps developed by Sensys Networks, which offers cities traffic data to help improve and manage traffic flow through its in-ground, wireless sensors that detect traffic at intersections and highways.
The company has tested the system at other cities around the state, but Santa Clarita is the first to deploy the initial pilot program, according to Floyd Williams, vice president of data services with Sensys Networks.

How it works

Using an ultra-low-power, patented radar sensor dubbed FlexRadar, bicycles are accurately detected near the stop bar, including non-ferrous bike frame materials like carbon fiber.

Through the GiveMeGreen! app, users are automatically detected up to 300 feet in advance of an intersection. Once detected, the signal applies the normal pedestrian-crossing signal timing function, allowing those on foot and bikes to use the same signal phase without causing delays for motorists.

“This works as if you’re pressing a pedestrian push button except it happens automatically,” said Williams.

The initial pilot project is deployed at three intersections along the Chuck Pontius Commuter Rail bike trail, parallel to Soledad Canyon Road.

New signs are also installed, which illuminate when bicyclists or pedestrians are detected to warn turning motorists on Soledad Canyon Road. The system also includes a bicycle-only light at each location along the bike trail, letting bicyclists know they have been detected.

“GiveMeGreen! not only improves safety but also improves the ride experience for Santa Clarita’s legions of cyclists with automatic and reliable advance detection,” Cesar Romo, traffic signal system administrator for the city, said in a statement.

While the app has not yet launched, cyclists can check the Sensys Networks website at for updates expected next week, according to Williams.

For more information about GiveMeGreen! in Santa Clarita, contact Romo at [email protected] or at 661-286-4002.

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