Theresa Knopf’s Art Show “Memory | Mythology” Highlights the “Slipperiness” of Memory

Artist Theresa Knopf will have a solo exhibition titled "“Memory | Mythology" at The MAIN starting Nov. 14. Theresa Knopf

In continuation with its monthly artist showcase series, The MAIN will host a solo exhibition for artist Theresa Knopf from Nov. 14 until Dec. 7.

Knopf, a Los Angeles-based mixed-media artist and Santa Clarita resident, combines a variety of materials and techniques to explore archetypes in literature and personal histories through her work. Her upcoming show, titled “Memory | Mythology,” will bring in 30 pieces and installations that focus on the fluidity of memory and its ability to rewrite itself over time to create variations in personal narratives using everyday objects that have personal significance.

“This exhibit is all about telling stories and her pieces have an ethereal, dreamlike quality that we haven’t seen in this space for a while,” said city Event Supervisor Kyle Lopez. “Theresa’s work brings something different than what we’ve displayed this year. It’s neat to see the everyday objects she uses in her art to convey a story and for the audience to try to figure out the significance of each object.”

Memory is a longtime interest of Knopf’s, who said she is fascinated by the “slippery” quality of memory and the human tendency to distort or misremember things.

“I like the inconsistency and ambiguity of memory and it pairs well with me being a mixed media artist because I myself walk the fine line between abstract and figurative art, a collage playing with fiction and nonfiction,” she said. “I think the most important part of art is the space between the viewer and the art. I hope people enjoy the unusual textures, materials and sometimes the simplicity of this exhibit to draw a connection.”

Knopf has been working as a professional artist for a decade and says she was “late to the game,” only deciding to follow her passion professionally and attend art school after she had children as a way to be true to pursue her dream and be a positive role model.

Though she lives locally, Knopf’s studio is in downtown L.A. and she has never publicly exhibited her work in Santa Clarita. When the city put out a call for local artists, many of her friends and family who had not been able to attend her art shows pushed her to apply.

“I’m really excited to have a local exhibition so that people like my grandmother who aren’t normally involved in my artwork can be,” Knopf said. “I’m a bit of a quirky artist and there isn’t much out here that’s similar to what I’m doing. Being able to bring something new to Santa Clarita is exciting for me.”

The MAIN will also host an artist reception for Knopf on Nov. 17 in conjunction with the “Light Up Main Street” event. Lopez said this is the perfect opportunity to engage Santa Clarita with art since people can enjoy the activities on Main Street, go to a restaurant and see the art exhibition in one night.

“The Main provides this space for people to experience art with different mediums to help expand their knowledge,” Lopez said. “What we provide helps them expand their horizons and engage the community by bringing new types of art that people haven’t really seen before.”


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