SCV takes time to enjoy the outdoors

As people all over the world practice social distancing to help stem the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the question becomes how to stay entertained

A different kind of bookworm

Every Tuesday, Liza Purdy, a children’s librarian at the Newhall Library, wheels out a box of about 50 to 100 red wiggler worms for children at the library to touch and feed with composted materials like celery, coffee grounds and avocado peel.

SCV’s comic book convention later this month

San Diego Comic Con may be months away, but Santa Clarita geeks and pop culture fans can scratch that itch early as the Santa Clarita Valley Comic Book Convention comes to town for the second time.

Terry Mitchell Collier — U.S. Navy

In April 1981, Terry Collier enlisted in the Navy, motivated to follow in her father’s footsteps. 
“Because he was in the Navy I never considered any other branch, that just would have been weird,” she said. “Watching my dad study so diligently and work so hard for advancement in ranking really helped make me better at studying.”

Local documentary filmmaker debuts in Cannes and Los Angeles

Laura Carlson is a professional writer by day and a documentary filmmaker on the side. Her first film “Beyond Barriers” was screened at the Cannes Short Film Festival in 2019 and made its U.S. premiere in February at the Golden State Film Festival at the TLC Chinese Theater.

Newhall Library holds “musical instrument petting zoo” for kids and teens

Gone are the days when you would be shushed for making noise in the library. As librarian Liza Purdy puts it, that’s an antiquated stereotype and the Newhall Library is a “full throttle library.” On Monday, the Old Town Newhall Library was full of music as the library hosted a “musical instrument petting zoo” for children and teens as part of the monthly “Green Eggs and Jam” music program.

West Ranch High to host world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra

The West Ranch High School jazz ensemble is scheduled to host the Glenn Miller Orchestra for a one-night concert on Tuesday, March 10, to help fundraise for the school’s music program. The night will begin with an opening performance from the West Ranch jazz band and then the orchestra will perform some of Miller’s famous tunes.

Memorial March honors World War II soldiers

After years of hearing about the Bataan Memorial Death March, Argel Cardoniga wanted to complete it. The Santa Clarita Valley resident, a Filipino-American fitness instructor and retired senior manager in federal law enforcement, wanted to honor the memories of those who had marched and died all those years ago — including his grandfather.

A seat with the stars for the awards show

While Grammy night may seem full to the brim with stars and industry figures, not everyone in the crowd is famous.
There are also more than a few seat-fillers.

Local singer Stina releases first single

Stina learned firsthand how isolating Hollywood can be behind the glitz and glam. But instead of just moping about it, she turned her experience into art.

Shane Steinhart – U.S. Navy – Castaic Resident

Shane Steinhart chose the Navy because he was a good swimmer. “I really didn’t like camping or being in the dirt all that much — I like fishing, and I would rather be on a boat. I could jump off the boat and go swimming,” Steinhart said. “The only deciding factor really was for me was the Marines or the Navy. I scored high enough on the ASVAB score that they were kind of fighting over me.”

Senior center creative writing class promotes bonding and individuality

Every Monday, Teri Crane hosts a creative writing class at the senior center. During the class, Crane, who took over teaching the class five years ago after she retired and wanted to use her master’s degree in writing, teaches a lesson about the craft of writing then suggests a topic and has the group write for about 20 minutes.

CalArts to take over Troubadour for Soundstream 2020

On Monday, CalArts students will perform at the legendary West Hollywood nightclub for the Soundstream 2020 showcase concert. From electronica to goth rock to Afropop by individual student artists and bands, Soundstream will showcase the talents of NMND, Tauri, My Boyfriend, Bridgette Blank, Skullmatter, Vicken Hovsepian, Makalo, Bart Tholamew and J.Lyn.

Alley Oops bowling team puts new spin on the sport

Ruby Peeters is the coach of the senior center’s Alley Oops bowling team, which, instead of playing in a traditional bowling alley, plays the “Wii Sports” version of the game every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Santa Claritan makes Off-Broadway debut

Jacqueline Keeley, a former Valencia High School and College of the Canyons student, is a film, television and theatrical actress. On Jan. 11, she made her debut in an off-Broadway show, reprising her roles in the musical “Good Morning New York.”