CSUN threat deemed ‘non-credible’; SCV students share concerns

The Delmar T. Oviatt Library at California State University Northridge. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

A bathroom note raised alarms this week for CSUN students, and police are investigating the reported threat of a mass shooting found late Wednesday evening.

The threat was written inside a bathroom in Sierra Hall on the California State University, Northridge, campus. Images of the graffiti went viral across multiple social media platforms in the hours following its discovery.

The message read, “Mass shooting in Sierra Hall 12/12/18,” with a swastika drawn below it.

Matthew Yahata found out about the threat Wednesday night while working on homework with friends. A graduate of West Ranch High School, he said he was shocked.

“With the date, I think it was someone trying to get out of finals,” he said. “But you don’t want to think that way. You want to be cautious of what could happen to you.”

He noticed a larger campuswide police presence Thursday. CSUN Chief of Police Anne Glavin said in a statement that officers “stepped up patrols on campus.” Her statement also said similar hate speech was found in the same building last week.

“At this time, there is no indication that the threat of a mass shooting is credible, and there is no indication of an imminent threat to campus,” CSUN president Dianne F. Harrison said in a statement to students and staff.

She added that classes and finals remain scheduled and any students with concerns should speak with their instructors for any scheduling adjustments.

CSUN Police Department PIO Christina Villalobos echoed the president and said the threat was not deemed credible. She confirmed the investigation was ongoing as of Friday, and that campus police are working with other law enforcement agencies.

Student Matthew Yanez said he was sickened by news. A graduate of Valencia High School, he said it added much more to his stress preparing for finals, as well, going to work and applying to law school.

“Everyone’s just really disappointed,” Yahata said. “It’s a weird feeling because we don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s a weird way to end the semester.”

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