Katie Hill discusses caucus choices, legislation coming to Santa Clarita

U.S. Rep Katie Hill/Signal file photo

Rep.-elect Katie Hill has made her initial choices for the various Democratic caucuses to join in the House of Representatives.

Coming in near the top of her list of caucuses Hill looks to join once sworn in on Jan. 3 is the House Aerospace Caucus and California Aerospace Caucus.

“The House Aerospace Caucus has significant relevance to our district because so many of our communities rely on jobs in the aerospace industry — I want to grow our local economy and make sure we remain competitive for good jobs and innovative strategies,” Hill said. “My priority is delivering for the people of our community and I am looking forward to doing just that.”

Hill also said she hopes to join the Congressional Homelessness Caucus, in which she said she feels she can utilize her background working as the director of People Assisting the Homeless, “especially since so many cities and municipalities point to homelessness as a top concern on their agenda.”

“As the only member of Congress with a background in homelessness services, I am excited for the opportunity to bring my expertise to the Congressional Homelessness Caucus to address this growing crisis,” Hill said.

In addition to working on issues such as aerospace and homelessness, the congresswoman-elect expressed additional interest in working with a number of veterans’ issues coalitions, such as the Congressional Veterans Caucus, Work for Warriors Caucus, and/or the Hidden Heroes Caucus for Military and Veteran Caregivers.

Her office is committed “to listening, learning and serving” veterans by getting to work on their concerns through one or more of these caucuses, Hill said.

Although the voting coalitions for the 116th Congress have yet to be fully solidified, Hill added that she has interest in being in a congressional member organization that focuses on climate change, such as the Climate Solutions Caucus.

“Final caucuses will be decided once we’re in D.C., but our district’s needs are my top priority when making those selections,” Hill said.

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