Neighbors decorate Andy Gump port-a-potty with Christmas lights

Neighbors of Via Paladar decorated an Andy Gump port-a-potty that is sitting on the side of their street during construction. Caleb Lunetta/ The Signal

While the neighbors of Via Paladar have always tried to get as many families involved in the holiday spirit by decorating their homes in Christmas lights, this year something broke the festive plane of view: an Andy Gump single unit port-a-potty positioned on the side of the road.

“They’re replacing the electrical lines over here, so that’s why it’s set up on the street,” said Bryce Spankroy, one of the residents on the block. “But one of the guys on the block down there thought it would be funny to decorate (the port-a-potty).”

Deciding to do something about it, the neighborhood ornamented the port-a-potty much like they would one of their own homes, even stringing lights on top and hooking it up to one of the homes.

And while the single unit transportable bathroom may not draw the same crowds as the notable likes of Wakefield Lane in Saugus, the neighbors have expressed the pride they have in their work.

Caleb Lunetta/The Signal

“It doesn’t look too bad,” said Spankroy.

But unbeknownst to the neighbors of Via Paladar in Valencia, the decorating of what they thought was a simple holiday joke is actually in the spirit of the Andy Gump corporation, according to the company founders’ granddaughter, Nancy Gump.

“Every year we’ve decorated (a port-a-potty) for our offices here in Santa Clarita,” said Gump, vice president of Andy Gump Inc.

She added that although they have thousands of single units in Santa Clarita, she has never seen one decorated in the public.

“It’s kind of exciting because my grandparents – who founded the company – were very much into the Christmas season,” Gump said. “It’s a part of our corporate culture.”

“It’s funny too, cause my parents live just a block away from there,” Gump added.

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