Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Robotic Arms


As a result of their ease of acquisition, collaborative robots have become the obvious answer for all companies in manufacturing and in other sectors who want to automate their processes.

They are the answer to traditional robots that were a preserve of the large companies with large reserves of cash and could afford to invest in an asset with a much longer rate of return on investment. Collaborative robotic arms do not need much of the space that was needed by traditional robots and have many other advantages that may lead a manufacturing entity to acquire them

Precision and accuracy

One of the main advantages of a collaborative robotic arm in the factory is that they are highly precise and accurate. Robots work exactly how they are programed to without any deviation hence their accuracy and precision.

This then leads to improved quality of the products produced from the company and a reduction in defective products which also leads to a sings in cost of materials.

Improved production capacity

Robotic arms help companies improve their production capacity. Robots are mechanical and do not require breaks and can work the whole day. They do not get sick or call in absent. In addition, they work faster and more accurately than any human worker. As a result, they will produce more per hour than any human worker.

Fast and efficient

Speed and efficiency are the main competitive advantage that robots bring to an industrial operation. Robots are fast and are highly efficient in carrying out their tasks. They are accurate and precise, they can perform multiple tasks and can help organizations improve their financial status and market position.

Improve factory working conditions

Work that is dull, dangerous, dirty or difficult is assigned and is suitable for robots. As a result, the workers who carried out this work previously, are now able to engage in other tasks in improved working conditions. Other tasks that are more engaging mentally and that are a much better to their health.

Disadvantages of robotic arms in industry

They need constant monitoring

Robots have to be monitored at all times to ensure that they do not get any mechanical faults which would cause them to stall. This could lead to losses to the company. With the advancements in technology, monitoring robots has become very easy. It can even be done remotely. The robots are able to send feedback of their processes via text to the operator. In case of a technical hitch, it can also be corrected remotely without having to stop the robot.

Robots are not creative or innovative

Robots do not have the capacity to be creative or innovative. Robots can only complete tasks as they are instructed to through programming. Robots do not have the capacity to tell when consumer preferences are changing and what they want.

Manufacturing companies therefore must always keep their eyes on the market and adapt to the market changes. Acquiring a cobot enables companies the flexibility to change and adapt fast but that task cannot be delegated to the robots.

Technical Know-how limitations

When acquiring a robot, often the acquiring organization does not have the necessary expertise. Collaborative robots have the capacity to perform numerous tasks within the factory and factory workers need the knowledge to make it work effectively. In addition, collaborative robots also require numerous add-ons and external fixtures that most buyers do not know about.

The aggregator or robot manufacturer ensures that they train the buyers of their robots. This training is an additional cost above the cost of buying the robot.

Fear of job losses

Robots are seen to be taking over jobs that are already being carried out by human workers. With their cost effectiveness and mechanical ability, they can replace human workers in the factory once they have stronger capabilities.

Collaborative robots are helping eliminate this fear. Rather than replacing the human worker, cobots are tools that assist the human worker in the factory.

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