District receives contract proposal from Newhall teachers

Staff and trustees of the Newhall School District gathered at the district office Tuesday to sunshine, or present, the Newhall Teachers Association's latest contract proposal.
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As neighboring districts prepare for negotiations with the teachers unions in their own local area, the Newhall School District received the Newhall Teachers Association’s initial contract proposal at Tuesday’s meeting of the governing board.

The move serves as the first step in the contract negotiation process, which will occur in the coming school year between the district and teachers union, according to district staff. By accepting the proposal, the district agrees to sit down with union officials, at some point, and propose the items both sides would like to see changed.

“Each side sunshines, or presents at a public meeting, the sections of the contract it wants to improve via negotiations,” Tuesday’s agenda reads. “As the exclusive bargaining unit representative for the Newhall School District, (NSD) respectfully submits its initial proposal and request to enter into negotiations with the Newhall Teachers Association for the 2018-2019 school year.”

Negotiating members of NTA hope to enhance salary compensation to a rate that reflects the current economic climate, adjust the teacher work year and obtain a higher, more competitive contribution from the district to the existing health and welfare benefits package, according to NTA’s 2018-2019 proposal.

The union also intends to review and potentially adjust the teacher work year, as well as evaluations and transfers, according to the proposal. The 2019-2020 academic calendar, shared certificated contracts and certain memorandum of understandings could also be a focus for the union and district.

Neither side has set or agreed to specific terms, but the items presented in the initial proposal are what will be negotiated in the future, district staff said. The process is one that occurs every year in districts as bargaining groups fine tune items throughout the year.

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