10 Services for students to help organize the education process


We live in a digital era, and it only keeps getting better given the wave of artificial intelligence that is now sweeping across different sectors of the economy. Today, the impact of technology on the way students and teachers do things can be seen in thousands of education tools available online and offline. Marker pens and whiteboards slowly become a thing of the past as interactive boards take centre stage in classroom teaching. But, that is not all.

Edtech at school is manifest in many other ways. For students, it does not begin or end with registering for courses, doing school work or signing in for classrooms via integrated system management systems. If you have had a chance to undertake a distance learning program, you will agree that as technology continues to shape up the academic sphere, the internet of things becomes more and more in-demand in education.

This post explores ten services that help students stay organized even as they go about their day to day learning activities and experiences, so keep reading to find out more. But first things first, it is important to ask the following questions beforehand:

  • What is the reason for your disorganization in studying and how can you fix it?
  • Can you find a service or tool suited to school and home study, say, a task management service and homework scheduling App?
  • Do you have to pay for these services to get started with an organized approach to learning?

Well, while some services will cost you a few bucks in subscription fees or starter packs, there are lots of other organization tools that come at no cost.

1.      Soshiku

If you are a forgetful student, there are high chances that assignments’ deadlines might be getting closer and eventually catching you unaware. Soshiku is a tool that will manage everything on your behalf by keeping track of deadlines through email notifications. You wouldn’t have any more problems remembering when to use StudyClerk professional essay writing service ,thanks to its timely notifications.

2.      43Things

With 43Things, students are able to set goals in a more organized manner, track progress and even share them with others within a community of learners. It is the best way of getting cheered on to accomplish tasks.

3.      Nexty

For a student rushing to beat deadlines, the to-do list is a must-have, especially if you want to realize your New Year’s study resolutions. Nexty is a free service that will manage tasks for you, including sending reminders about due dates.

4.      Google Calendar

Google calendar is a tool that remains vital even today. If you have a problem with scheduling tasks, study times and planning, it is all you need to get started.

5.      Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is not only a web-based service for task scheduling and management but also a vital necessity for every student who wants to stay on track with learning activities. There is also a mobile-friendly view for easy access anywhere and anytime.

6.      Toggl

Work with timesheets and manage school projects better with Toggle. It is the ultimate service for every student who wants to track time spent on doing different tasks.

7.      Rescue Time

While you can choose from wide-ranging organization tools to make your education process easy and interesting, Rescue Time is a service app that makes it possible to achieve a study-social life balance. It is ideal for students who wish to gain insights into activities they undertake, thanks to weekly report feature. It is what you need to start doing away with bad time-wasting habits.

8.      TrackClass

With TrackClass, you will be able to keep tabs on your day to day school activities while also remaining organized throughout. From grades, notes to assignments, it makes tracking of your academic progress easy.

9.      Squareleaf

It is not an everyday thing that students are going to remember the most important points and stay on track with their to-do lists. However, square lists save you from the stress of having to keep so many things in memory by helping you organize and track projects

10. WorkFlowy

Doing things collaboratively has never outlived its significance even at school. With WorkFlowy, a great tech tool for students, you can take notes, organize tasks/assignments, keep a journal and even write your academic papers on the shareable platform.

The Bottom Line

Developers web-based education servicers continue to release cutting-edge tools for teaching and vital Apps for students who wish to take their academic progress to the next level.  All you have to do before getting started with any of the above is weigh into the significance of each for a particular situation. There are many others like Lazy Meter, 42 Tasks and Thought Boxes that will come in handy to meet your specific educational needs any day and at no cost.

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