Driver injured in rollover on San Francisquito Canyon Road

Los Angeles County firefighters and Sheriff's deputies responded to an overturned SUV on the 28400 bolck of San Francisquito Canyon Road Wednesday afternoon. Cory Rubin/The Signal

A day trip to see flowers blooming in Lancaster was cut short for a group of friends after the SUV they were in lost control and flipped over on San Francisquito Canyon Road, injuring four and sending one to hospital.

The crash happened a couple of minutes before noon Wednesday, when a gray, four-door Mazda SUV rolled over on a winding stretch of San Francisquito, just west Copper Hill Drive, past the Jump for Joy Ranch.

The driver, a man, was injured and taken to the hospital by paramedics with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Three passengers, all women including the driver’s wife, were initially reported as trapped in the overturned SUV.

A woman who identified herself as the driver’s wife complained of a head injury and kept holding her head and, at least twice immediately after the crash, kept sitting down on the dirt shoulder of the road.

At the suggestion that she was lucky to be alive, she looked up and said: “Thank God. My husband went to the hospital,” she said, adding that the four occupants of the overturned SUV were from Orange County, on their way to Lancaster.

“We were trying to see the flowers,” she explained, pointing north. “We were going to see the poppies and flowers.”

When paramedics arrived at the crash site at 12:06 p.m., they found the vehicle on its roof amid  broken glass and four occupants out of the vehicle.

A deputy at the scene said it appeared the driver lost control of the SUV and tried to over- correct.

The three women piled their belongings in a heap around an insulated cooler, on the shoulder as deputies with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station stopped traffic along San Francisquito.

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