Henry Mayo’s new patient tower gets a little color

Local artist Frank Rock was commissioned to paint a mural along a newly constructed wall outside the dining area of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's patient tower in Valencia. Austin Dave/The Signal

Local artist Frank Rock has donned a hard hat and safety vest to paint his latest Santa Clarita art installation.

This one is a three-story mural at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital’s new patient tower. While the tower is under construction, Rock has been painting what he says is his largest piece yet.

“It’s quite a challenge,” Rock said. “This is the biggest — and the tallest — mural I’ve ever done.”

He was chosen to paint the mural by the hospital’s board of directors and says he didn’t know how big it was until they chose him.

“I had to go through safety training as well as learn how to walk the scaffolding,” Rock said. “I get a little nervous up there. I have a safety harness, and when I’m at the top, I make sure to tether myself in.”

Rock is required to wear the hard hat and safety vest because he is painting a mural while construction on the hospital’s new patient tower continues around him. Austin Dave/The Signal

Rock was given a design to follow, but he says he’s putting his own touches on it and is able to “let the brush do its work.” The design was created by Kevin Barry Fine Art, which hired Rock to paint the piece.

The mural, which has taken almost two weeks to complete, will overlook the outdoor dining area for the hospital’s new cafeteria with trees lining the bottom.

“The idea is for the mural to be calming and healing,” said hospital spokesman Patrick Moody.

Rock’s had two surgeries at the hospital and says the staff was always great with him.

“I’ve got some good history with the hospital, and I’m really happy to be working with them,” Rock said.

The patient tower is set to be completed this summer — and Rock’s mural will be on display for all to see.

According to Rock, the mural will be completed this weekend. Austin Dave/The Signal

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